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Daily Archives: 06/04/2017

McLellan Jacobs Tempting Toys

McLellan Jacobs will incorporate similar styling from its bespoke kayak to a paddleboard coming this year.

McLellan Jacobs, known for its upscale carbon-fiber kayak, is applying its smart sense of style to a paddleboard. Five years ago, New Zealand-based designers Andy Jacobs and Jamie McLellan brought their idea for an upscale kayak to the Monaco Yacht Show. They showed a select group of people their $25,000 standard model — with gold-plated brass fittings, teak woodwork and ...

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Sail Port Stephens

Mostly smiles on board Colourtile, and some hard work too! - Sail Port Stephens © John Curnow

Just before race time of 1230hrs, a light sprinkle dusted over glorious Port Stephens like icing sugar through a sieve. By the time the boats were assembling off the breakwater at Nelson Bay there was up to four knots of tide and around the same velocity in wind from the Sou’east. Not ideal starting conditions, especially for a downwind jaunt, ...

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Debbie part II ~ Insurance

One of the many sad stories on Hamilton Island © .

If you have been on the planet or around boats long enough, you’ll know all about the 7Ps. The one ‘C’ mentioned here refers to consequence, and in the legalese that surrounds insurance, it gets applied distinctly to consequential damage. We’ll come back to all of that in a while, but for now, our mission is to look at the ...

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