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31st PRIMO CUP – Trophée Credit Suisse

31st PRIMO CUP – Trophée Credit Suisse The “Experts” win in Monaco

Friday 30th January to Sunday 1st February 2015
And Friday 6th to Sunday 8th February 2015

First Weekend:
The “Experts” win in Monaco
Sunday 1st February 2015 – For the first weekend of the Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse, a depression sitting squarely in the Bay of Genoa made life difficult for the Race Committee and 92 teams, representing 13 nationalities and divided into six classes on two courses. But the tenacity and determination of both the umpires and competitors wanting to do battle on the water won through.
“The elements play a fundamental role in our sport and knowing how to read the wind, feel the current and interpret the clouds is all part of the pleasure of racing,” commented Thierry Leret, President of the Race Committee for the 31st Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse at the prize-giving when each member of all the teams on the podium won Advanced Technology Sportswear from Slam.
In the IRC, the man from Saint-Tropez who runs the class in the Mediterranean and won last year, Jean-Claude Bertrand (Tchin Tchin), lost his supremacy to LOL helmed by Maxime Vyncke and a young crew on Nutella, here for the first time in Monaco.
“The conditions were difficult on the water but the ambiance on shore was as welcoming as always with the traditional Pasta Party for the crews going on late into the night. It’s all part of the welcome we get from the Yacht Club,” said Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of Hydros.
In the SB20s, here in force with 22 entries from seven countries, it undoubtedly had the youngest average age. This “fun” boat has won over both beginner-racers to the most experienced, like Fabien Henry (Black Magic) from Hyères, multiple-winner of the Tour de France à la Voile sailing this weekend with international class president Ed Russo.
Congratulations to a fine 2nd place by the young team on FFV Jeunes Talents who came close to winning with two race wins. Only their performance in the first race cost them victory to the benefit of the Englishman John Pollard (Xcellent).
“We had a long wait for our class, but I was really happy that the Race Committee did all in their power to complete as many races as possible. And on the water as ashore the ambiance has been very welcoming in this exceptional building. Roll on next year,” enthused the hugely promising Robin Follin, aged just 20 and at the helm of the FFV Jeunes Talents, and 4th in the last 420 Worlds. The Russian Kirill Frolov (Melstom Team) finished 3rd on the podium.
In the Smeralda 888, Class President Prince Charles de Bourbon-Siciles (Vamos mi Amor) was returning to competition after an absence of several months. He had lost none of his skills, finishing 3rd on the podium. Second was Gryphon helmed by the Grute family with François Brenac on tactics, who were not consistent enough to hang on to their lead, comfortably beaten in the final analysis by Adalberto Miani (Botta Dritta), the YCM’s Sailing Commissioner, and his loyal crew.
No surprise that in the Dragon class victory went to the Russian Anatoly Loginov (Annapurna). This former Olympic medallist is still at the top of his game and has lost none of his expertise at the helm. He won ahead of the Italian crew on Cloud with Frenchman Jean-Sebastien Pons from Cannes on tactics, who always lifts the team to another level when he is on board. Third place went to YCM member Jens Rathsack (Little Hook).31st PRIMO CUP - Trophée Credit Suisse
In the Stars, the best represented fleet this weekend, with 23 entries and certainly the highest level, the battle was close between the first nine boats. Sneaking a good place on the start was difficult, with boats over the line at the start which proved disastrous for some, as for example in the first race, Laurenz Zimmerman (Squalo Bianco VIII) and in the second race for Alex Gauda, a regular to the Primo Cup from the beginning.
A special mention too for the fine performance by Niçois Jean-Gabriel Charton and Olivier Terrol (Junior), who lifted the trophy 9 points clear of the foreign armada in Monaco. The Italian Maurizio Planine (Annetta) finished 2nd ahead of the Swiss Bernhard Seger (Madbox).
“We were very motivated to come to this Primo Cup and compete in such a large fleet. The Principality is an exceptional training base for our class, and the technicality of the venue on the water provides a lot of room to progress,” observed the helmsman Jean-Gabriel Charton.
There is absolutely no doubt that the Swiss are masters in the Surprise class and once again proved their supremacy, with five boats in the first six places. Société Nautique member Nicolas Groux (Signaterre CER 1) won the event for third time ahead of Eric Monnin (Va-Rhum 9) and Jérome Clerc (Teo Jakob by Realteam). “We had not been to the Principality for four years. The Primo is a great preparation for us for the upcoming season. We know the conditions in Monaco are relevant to anyone racing at a high level: you have to react very quickly,” commented the sailor from Geneva who was a little disappointed with his third place. For the first part, the Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse also hosts Act 1 of the Europ’ Sails
European Surprise Sailing Series 2015.
On the side lines of the Primo Cup – Trophée Credit, the ISAF organised two days of Principal Race Officer seminars in the Yacht Club de Monaco’s lounges, run by two key names in the International Sailing Federation, the Israeli Nino Shmueli, Vice-President of the ISAF Race Committee and the Turk Ilker Bayindir, an ISAF clinic instructor.
“This is the first time the ISAF Race Committee has met in the Principality. Personally I was very impressed with the Yacht Club de Monaco’s new facilities. For two days we had constructive discussions and shared our expertise and methods,” said Nino Shmueli, who has been appointed the Principal Race Officer for the Olympic Games in Rio. An opportunity for participants from Italy, Germany, Romania, Armenia and France to get the latest on the new regulations and yacht clubs duties in terms of security and setting courses, and to plan for the next season.
For the second weekend of the 31st Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse nearly 100 teams are already signed up divided between five classes (Longtze Premier, Melges 20, J/70, IRC 1 & 2 and Platu 25). For the Melges 20 and J/70, it is also Act 4 of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter series, a high level winter race training programme run from October to March in the Principality.


Final ranking

SB20 after 3 races (3 retained)
Xcellent (John Pollard, 9 PTS)
FFV Jeunes Talents SB20 (Robin Follin, 12 pts)
Melstom Team (Kirill Frolov, 17 pts)

Surprise after 3 races (3 retained)
Signaterre CER1 (Nicolas Groux, 8 pts)
Va-Rhum 9 (Eric Monnin, 8 pts)
By Teo Jakob Realteam (Jérome Clerc, 10 pts)

Dragon after 3 races (3 retained)
Annapurna (Anatoly Loginov, 5 pts)
Cloud (Giuseppe Duca, 6 pts)
Little Hook (Jens Rathsack, 8 pts)

Star after 3 races (3 retained)
Junior (Jean-Gabriel Charton, 6 pts)
Annetta (Maurizio Planine, 15 pts)
Madbox (Bernahrd Seger, 20 pts)

IRC 3 & 4 after 4 races (3 retained)
LOL (Maxime Vyncke, 4 pts)
Nutella (Max laout, 5 pts)
Tchin Tchin (Jean-Claude Bertrand, 6 PTS)

Smeralda 888 after 4 races (3 retained)
Straight Botta (Adalberto Miani, 5 pts)
Gryphon (Peter Grut, 8 pts)
Vamos mi amor (Charles Bourbon de Sicile, 10 pts)
Programme for the 2nd weekend:
Friday 6th February
8.00am Bar opens in Meeting Room Village
1.00pm 1st race of the day
6.00pm Welcome Cocktail

Saturday 7th February
8.00am Bar opens in Meeting Room Village
11.00am 1st race of the day
6.00pm Happy Hour open to all classes followed by crew party

Sunday 8th February
8.00am Bar opens in Meeting Room Village
11.00am 1st race of the day
After racing Prize-giving

Information, registrations and results: ycm.org

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