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33 Garda Optimist Meeting

33 Garda Optimist Meeting New technical specifications are introduced– This event, organised by the historic Fraglia Vela Riva, is already a Guinness World record for being the largest regatta of a single class in the world and for many youngsters it is a dream come true to take part in it in the days running up to Easter, (2nd – 5th April).

It is a unique event which involves almost 1000 helmsmen from around 30 different nations. This year, however, the Meeting for budding sailors is raising the bar on the technical level for the larger and more competitive junior category. This will make the Meeting more of a regatta thus adapting itself to the improvements in the technical-tactical skills of the participants shown over the last few years.33 Garda Optimist Meeting

The new specifications
These new specifications apply only to the Junior fleet category and are geared towards guaranteeing maximum competativness at the event. The pre-start ( designed to keep the different heats grouped in succession just before the start), will no longer be implemented according to usual procedure, but will be a simple, mandatory passage for the participants to reach the actual true starting gate line layed situated 40-50mt. upwind, where each heat will be raced according to the normal regular procedure, as stated in the regatta racing rules. In addition a leeward gate will be layed put into place this year and the finish line will be played out after at the end of the second bowline windward leg (instead of at the end of the course) route which completes the course quadrangle. These changes have been made by Fraglia Vela Riva to fulfill the requests of the athletes and coaches, who are more than happy to participate at this sailing festival but with more challenges both technically and competatively. The 33 edition will see an increase in skill, keeping in mind the competativity and the safety of the large fleet on the water. Start and course systems are the same as adopted in the International regattas of 33 Garda Optimist MeetingPalma De Majorca, Palamos and the World Optimist Championships. Everything will remain the same for the younger Cadet category with a simple, straightforward course.

Pre-registration reaches 500 
In the meantime on-line pre registration continues and with just over one month till the event, the numbers have reached around 500. Among the nations who have a sizable fleet taking part are Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Turkey and the U.S, as well as Italy , of course, who make up almost half of the participants. Not missing out by any means are the emerging countries such as Algeria, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine Bulgaria and Hungary.

The Taste of Victory 
Last year’s edition was a great competitive success for Italy as it saw two of its own helmsmen take first place in both categories. Davide Duchi – sailing under the colours of organising club Fraglia Vela Riva- had been aiming for first place in the juniors for the last couple of years, while an unbelievable Frances33 Garda Optimist Meetingco Novelli from nearby Malcesine took top slot among the younger cadets (9-11). Several winners from past editions of the Garda Optimist Meeting have gone on to become great champions over the years. The gold medal board contains names of many Olympic medallists and Olympic athletes, sailors in the America’s Cup and World Champions. However, the purpose of this event is not to create budding champions, the beauty of this unique event is first and foremost the multitude of little sails on the water, with a series of events on land which b

ring together participants from all parts of the world, from the cold Nordic countries to the warmer climates of the Caribbean. This all culminates in a great festival of sailing, sport and friendship that have been made throughout the years between competitors, families and coaches. Add to that the right amount of competitive drive to give even more vitality to the event. 

A spectacle not to be missed 
For the last 33 years Easter at Riva del Garda has been synonymous with the Garda Optimist Meetin

33 Garda Optimist Meeting

Fraglia Vela Riva – Fraglia Vela Riva – 33 Garda Optimist MeetingFraglia Vela Riva.


g and on the Wednesday which precedes Easter, the sailing festival officially kicks off with the opening ceremony which includes a

procession through the Old Town of Riva del Garda of the 1000 competitors proudly waving their country’s flag. On the following four days racing will take place early morning to make the most of Lake Garda’s characteristic north wind. Race


s will also be held in the early afternoon, the wind, however, is more stable during the summer months. In some years we have even seen ice on the boat ramp during the event but this in no way deters the courageous young sailors. Chaperones and tourists can also enjoy the spectacle as hundreds of sails wait along the northern shore of the lake to be called to the water. Soon after, these same hundreds of sails gradually fill the mirrored waters of Lake Garda, Trentino, leaving onlookers amazed at the scene. Due to the shape of Lake Garda you can watch the regattas from the several panoramic roads overlooking the lake where you can enjoy a privileged vantage point in the most beautiful natural setting.

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