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420 and 470 Junior Europeans – Nail biting final day

A nail biting final day at the 2015 420 and 470 Junior European Championships to decide the European and Open European titles in the 420 Junior Europeans, 420 Ladies Junior Europeans, 420 U17 Junior Europeans, 470 Men Junior Europeans and 470 Women Junior Europeans.

470 Men
In the 470 men, Italy’s Matteo Capurro and Matteo Puppo had a fight on their hands to hold onto gold. Capitalizing from a strong start, they took a tidy win to mark a career best performance. Germany’s Winkel and Cipra managed to put four boats between them and Spain’s Charles brothers, to claim silver, bronze to Spain. The Germans and Spanich match the medals they achieved at last year’s Junior Europeans.

470 Men Junior European – Final top five
1. Matteo Capurro/Matteo Puppo (ITA) – 37 pts
2. Malte Winkel/Matti Cipra (GER) – 53 pts
3. David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP) – 56 pts
4. Jose Manuel Ruiz/Fernando Davila Gamez (ESP) – 61 pts
5. Alexandros Kavvas/Akylas Drougkas (GRE) – 75 pts

470 Women
Spain’s Barbara Cornudella and Sara Lopez went into the medal race in a virtually unbeatable position, sitting 18 points ahead of rivals and team mates Silvia Mas and Paula Barcelo. A conservative race strategy was their plan, so a fifth place in the medal race easily handed them gold.

Mas and Barcelo finished in sixth place, to claim silver. A phenomenal push from Greece’s Maria Bozi/Rafailina Klonaridou saw them cross the finish in third place and claim bronze, by one point over recently crowned 470 Junior World Champions, Benedetta Di Salle and Alessandra Dubbini of Italy.

420 and 470 Junior Europeans – Nail biting final day

Race Day 6 – 2015 420 and 470 Junior European Championships© Viktor Nalbantov

470 Women Junior European – Final top five
1. Bàrbara Cornudella/Sara López Ravetllat (ESP) – 45 pts
2. Silvia Mas/Paula Barcelo (ESP) – 65 pts
3. Maria Bozi/Rafaillina Klonaridou (GRE) – 70 pts
4. Benedetta Di Salle/Alessandra Dubbini (ITA) – 71 pts
5. Roberta Caputo/Alice Sinno (ITA) – 84 pts

420 Open
Another win for the USA’s Wiley Rogers/Jack Parkin in the penultimate race 11 sealed their face and the 420 Open Junior European Championship title with a race to spare. Their nearest rivals struggled, knocking out double digit scores, whilst the Americans read the race track perfectly.

The Americans make it a 1,2 in the Open Junior European Championship hierarchy, as team mates Will Logue/Bram Brakman clambered up in second, after at 20,5 scoreline today.

The battle for the top European team and podium medals unfolded between Martin Wrigley/Marcus Tressler of Great Britain and Nitai Hasson/Tal Harari of Israel. The British went into the day with an eight point margin over the Israelis, but a 28th and 15th, could not match the Israelis scorecard.

In the battle for the Ladies Junior European Championship titles, disappointment for Greece’s Souzana-Ioli Bakatsia/Nikoletta Papageorgiou who had been sitting right behind Wiley/Rogers until yesterday. Jessie Kampman/Anael Ponthieu (FRA) took control of the ladies fleet and the gold medals, second to Greece and third to Italy’s Rio Demi/Maria Coluzzi (ITA).

420 Open Junior European – Top three
1. Wiley Rogers/Jack Parkin (USA) – 23 pts
2. Will Logue/Bram Brakman (USA) – 75 pts
3. Nitai Hasson/Tal Harari (ISR) – 103 pts

420 Junior European – Top three
1. Nitai Hasson/Tal Harari (ISR) – 103 pts
2. Martin Wrigley/Marcus Tressler (GBR) – 108 pts
3. Andrés Álvarez/Pablo García (ESP) – 111 pts

420 Ladies Junior European – Top three
1. Jessie Kampman/Anael Ponthieu (FRA) – 119 pts
2. Souzana-Ioli Bakatsia/Nikoletta Papageorgiou (GRE) – 132 pts
3. Rio Demi/Maria Coluzzi (ITA) – 135 pts

420 U17
In the 420 under 17 fleet, Israel’s Ido Bilik and Ofek Shalgi just needed a reasonable finish in race 11, to wrap up the series with a race to spare. A fifth and a win were more than needed, rewarding them with gold medals and a phenomenal 40 point victory. A fantastic result to build on their bronze medal success from last year’s 420 Worlds.

420 and 470 Junior Europeans – Nail biting final day

Race Day 6 – 2015 420 and 470 Junior European Championships© Viktor Nalbantov

420 U17 Junior European – Top three
1. Ido Bilik/Ofek Shalgi (ISR) – 24 pts
2. Matteo Zerbin/Giulio Maccarone (ITA) – 64 pts
3. Albert Torres/Antoni Massanet (ESP) – 66 pts

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