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470 Spring Cup Marseille

A number of potential Olympic competitors on their way to the ISAF World Cup in Hyères have stopped over in Marseille for the 470 Coupe de Printemps (Spring Cup).

Included are the top Australian and New Zealand crews, who dominate the 470 including: Matthew Belcher and Will Ryan AUS, Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie NZL , Paul Snow-Hansen and Daniel Willcock NZL and the former World Champions, Sime Fantela and Igor Marenic of Croatia.
Winners on the opening day in a combined fleet were, Shibuki Iituka and Shinji Hachiyama of Japan in race 1, and Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcock NZL in race 2.

Overall Eyal Levin and Dan Froyliche of Israel have a one point lead from a pack of four crews on 12 points led by from Snow-Hansen and Willcock then the first French crew, Sofian Bouvet and Jeremie Mion, Aleh and Powrie, and Hippolyte Machrtti and Sidoine Dantes FRA.470 Spring Cup Marseille

Australia’s Olympic and World Champions Belcher and Ryan had a DSQ in race 1 and an 11th in race 2 to place 32 overall.

Camille Lecointre and Hélène Defrance of France did not race.

470 – Spring Cup – Leaders combined fleet (57 entries)
1. ISR 14 LEVIN Eyal / FROYLICHE Dan 11.00 pts
2. NZL 2 SNOWHANSEN Paul / WILLCOX Daniel 12.00
3. FRA 27 BOUVET Sofian / MION Jeremie 12.00
4. NZL 75 ALEH Jo / POWRIE Polly 12.00
5. FRA 79 MACHETTI Hippolyte / DANTES Sidoine 12.00
6. ESP 44 XAMMAR Jordi / HERP Joan 13.00
7. JPN 7 IITSUKA Shibuki / HACHIYAMA Shinji 17.00
8. FIN 7 LINDGREN Joonas / LINDGREN Niklas 30.00
9. GRE 11 PAGIDA Dimitra / PAPADOPOULOU Sophia 32.00
10. GER 13 WINKEL Malte / CIPRA Matti 33.00

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