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A Woman’s Guide to the World

This is a pilot episode that I self-produced, in order to develop my idea for a tv series about adventure travel as a solo female traveller.

A “you can do” documentary for solo women traveling to dangerous and adventurous locales.
“Why let the men have all the fun??”

Written, Directed and Filmed by Apolla Echino

Post Production by Dreadnaught Productions, Jeremy Pollock

Additional footage by:
Paul Garin
Marcel Schoenmakers
Pavel Klusacek
Yukio Iwamoto
NASA Scientific Visualization Studio
ECCO Z “Perpetual Dream”
Google Earth
Katie Zoe Evans

Special Thanks:
The Bark Europa and its permanent and voyage crew
Amazon Antonio’s Jungle Tours
Antonio, Wesdon, Josef and Junior
“Et Moi” by Nym
“Becoming” by Hiatus
“Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix)” by London Grammar
“Clocktower (Sound Remedy remix)” by Noosa
“Bloodflood Pt. II” by Alt-J
“Parklands” by Hiatus, feat. Shura
“Lesser Known Good” by Nym
“Boa Sorte” by Vanessa Da Mata, feat. Ben Harper
“Turbine” by Hiatus
“Here Comes the Sun” by Yuna
“River” by Hiatus, feat. Shura
“An Ending (Ascent)” by Brian Eno
“Le Usuahia A La Quiaca” by Gustavo Santaolalla
“Jubel” by Klingande

How it came about:
I have traveled extensively as a A Woman's Guide to the Worldsingle woman. This has included two years in India and Nepal, as well as travel through Asia, the USA and many parts of Europe. I had to learn on the go, the hard way, how to dress, how to behave, how to navigate crazy bus stations in a foreign language and how to not gain weight in countries where they would look at you as though you were crazy if you went jogging down the street! I have been asked over and over again how I was able to travel safely as a ‘single’ woman. Beyond that, I want to show women that we have many options with travel. I would like to get more ladies out into the great wide open! This show will inspire the upwardly mobile career woman, the housewife and the trepid new single gal, who wants more from life.

Next Episode:
A 23-day trip into Northern Afghanistan, to meet and live with one of the world’s last and least visited nomadic cultures: The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir. Traveling through Wakhan Corridor into the Afghan Pamir.

from Apollonia Productions

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