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America’s Cup ETNZ’s new trick

The America’s Cup teams were out in force on the Great Sound in Bermuda, testing in lighter weather.

One of the interesting aspects of this video is Emirates Team New Zealand’s ability to do ‘fishtail’ tacks and gybes.

The move was seen in Auckland, and involves performing multiple, back to back gybes/tacks, while remaining foil borne throughout. The move should be useful in match racing with the team being able to rapidly change direction and swap from port to starboard and back again in a very short space of time, and quickly get themselves into a right of way position without dropping off the foils or losing speed.

These videos are shot and produced by Jason Smith, who apparently lives on a bit of shoestring, and has put in hours every day to keep fans up to date with the latest from Bermuda. Multiply by a factor of four the duration of each of these videos, and you have an idea of the amount of time involved for Jason to bring you these every day. It’s a big commitment. If you wish to make a donation to Jason click here

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