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The ANT-ARCTIC-LAB is a highly ambitious yacht building and sailing challenge that highlights several industrial developments which bring more sustainability to the marine industry.

ANT-ARCTIC stands for both polar regions on our planet.
LAB represents the “floating Open 60ft laboratory”.

The goal is to sail a 60ft yacht, nonstop, singlehanded and without assistance from Les Sables d’Olonne (FRA) to the Arctic, through the Northwest Passage, down the Pacific Ocean and passing Cape Hoorn to circumnavigate the Antarctic continent. After rounding Cape Hoorn a second time, the journey will continue north through the Atlantic Ocean to the final destination of Les Sables d’Olonne (FRA).


Respecting our nature

“We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children”, Antoine de SAINT-EXUPERY

During this record breaking voyage the yacht will draw media attention on the changing state of the oceans, the global warming, the environmental condition of the polar caps and the affect of rising CO2 emissions are having on the planet. Simultaneously the challenge will highlight ways to construct using environmentally friendly products that are safe, tested and widely available.

ANT-ARCTIC-LAB challenge will take place from July 2018 until February 2019.
This unbelievable undertaking will be another extreme sailing adventure for skipper Norbert Sedlacek which will take him more than 34.000 nautical miles, around seven months on his 60ft. racing yacht Open60 through the most dangerous waters on our planet, through ice, stormy waters, the doldrums and many more.

The multinational team comprises of professional sailors and yacht builders, yacht designers and architects, engineers, degree students and many more. They are united by a common interest to investigate and promote new materials and production concepts which bring much more sustainability andenvironmental awareness.

We believe it is not enough to simply highlight conditions. We believe also in offering real solutions like recyclable composites, biological matrix systems or natural core materials that can be adopted by industry.

To succeed, the yacht will be built using 100% sustainable and / or recyclable materials and the project will also show how the yacht can be recycled and how using the yacht building materials has less damage to the environment than current methods of yacht building.

The natures of the materials are not exclusive to the marine industry and so opportunity exists to promote sustainability to a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

34.000 nm – Nonstop – Single handed – Without assistance

Open60AAL Innovation



Hull and deck are built out of volcanic fiber and balsa wood.
This means more safety, innovative technical and material solutions, more sustainability because of the use of sustainable materials, recyclable, dermatological and biological safe.

Open60AAL Innovation – Technical Data

Hull length: 18.28 m
Hull beam: 5.82 m
Displacement 9,500 kg
Draft: 4.50 m
Air-draught: 29.00 m

Sail area
Full batten main sail: 170 m²
Big spinnaker: 400m²
Small spinnaker: 300 m²
Gennaker: 200 m²
Code 0: 140 m²
Genoa: 120m²
Solent: 110 m²
Jib: 50m²
Staysail: 40 m²
Stormjib: 20m²

Concept: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH
Exterior Design: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH
Interior Design: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH
Nautical architecture: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH

Concept and Design: Norbert Sedlacek
Architecture: Marion Koch and Vincent Lebailly Yacht Design

Shipyard: Innovation-Yachts GmbH & Co KG

more info ….. ant-arctic-lab.com / info@ant-arctic-lab.com

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