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A yacht-based expedition to The Antarctic Peninsula January 4 – February 1  2016

Multiple summit possibilities for experienced ski-mountaineers. Introductory snowshoeing, ice-climbing, sea-kayaking  and wildlife-watching for the sailing support team.


In 2013, after five expeditions to the sub-antarctic island of South Georgia, I finally got to the actualAntarctic mainland, withANTARCTIC PENINSULA EXPEDITION 2016 Skip Novak, the owner of the 74 foot yachtPelagic Australis.Togetherwe led a nine person team making ski ascents on the western side of the Peninsula. I enjoyed the trip so much that I immediately booked Pelagic Australis for the next available slot on the Peninsula – January 2016. Now I need eight keen people to fill the boat and make the expedition happen.


Pelagic Australis is probably the best-known commercial yacht operating in the Southern Ocean, purpose-built for expedition ANTARCTIC PENINSULA EXPEDITION 2016support work, with ample storage space for mountaineering equipment, comfortable accommodation, a large convivial saloon,
excellent galley, lavish larder and well-stocked wine cellar. She also has a powerful motor to supplement the sailing rig and ensure that no-one ever misses his flight connections on the journey home. The voyage from the Beagle Channel normally takes three days, and once we reach the channels on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula Pelagic Australis makes a perfect floating base camp, with an inflatable zodiac for going ashore.

has been climbing for 40 years and has made first ascents all over the world, including a new route up Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen. In the far south he has made one expedition to Tierra del Fuego, one to the Antarctic Peninsula and six to South Georgia. This will be his sixth expedition aboard Pelagic Australis stephenvenables.com

Please note that although Stephen Venables has extensive eperience leading  polar ski-mountaineering groups, he is not a certified mountain guide.ANTARCTIC PENINSULA EXPEDITION 2016
Price: £12,800 per person
This is a special group expedition rate based on a party of 8 paying members for 28 days on board Pelagic Australis.
£12,500 per person for just 21 days).
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