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Cape Verdes fleet slows

ARC+ Cape Verde fleet slows – more wind expected tomorrow

Lighter than we expected” was the comment on the winds today for leg 1 of the ARC+ Cape Verde route. This has been in complete contrast to the first 24 hours which, as usual was lively as boats headed passed the Canary Islands wind acceleration zone.

We got off to a flying start with some incredible downwind sailing. With the wind gusting to over 30 knots we only used the white sails, but were regularly recording 11, 12, 13, and even 14.3 knots over the ground. Currently on a port tack with the Parasailor flying, but with scarcely 10 knots of wind, we are only making some 5 knots” said the crew ofDreamCatcher in their log today.

Cape Verdes fleet slowsAs the 51 strong fleet pushes on south, the advice from the forecasters is to keep going south. Met-man Chris Tibbs, explains the weather picture, “a small ridge is working across the Canary Islands, which is causing a light spot on the route of the boats, with winds around 9-10 knots, a little lower than expected.” . However, there is the prospect of more wind to come says Chris. “Once below 24N, and to the East of the rhumb line, there is the prospect of more wind, around 15-18 knots from later tomorrow”. So, with around 500NM to go before reaching Cape Verde, it looks like tomorrow will bring some enjoyable sailing in a better breeze, at least for those at the head of the pack.

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