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ARC Europe Leg 2 World Cruising Club
ARC Europe Leg 2 World Cruising Club

ARC Europe Leg 2

20.5.2017 was the start of ARC Europe Leg 2 from St George’s Harbour in Bermuda at 1100 local time.

The strong winds that we have experienced here for the last few days decided to move on and in the words of Bermuda Weather’s marine synopsis ‘a high pressure will park overhead Bermuda imparting lots of sunshine and a light to gentle breeze over the next several days’.

Farewells were had on the docks as some crew from leg 1 switched out with new crew who recently flew in. Good friends are being made now among the rally boats as they have that shared experience and are looking forward to more good times in the Azores. With Rally Control in the dinghy to help with mooring lines and also to nudge boats that were on the inside of the dock all the rally boats that were planning to made it to the Western end of St George’s Harbour in time for the starting sequence.

The start line was set inside the harbour just off the Pennos Wharf, and cruise ship in town, using a Committee Vessel at one end and the new starting pin, donated to the Dinghy Club by World Cruising Club, at the other. The multihulls and Class A were started first at 1100 and Class B at 1110. The two starts is done so to stagger the boats through the Town Cut and safely to clear water.

ARC Europe Leg 2 © World Cruising Club

ARC Europe Leg 2 © World Cruising Club

The ‘Bermuda High’ gave light winds for the start out of the NE, five – eight knots, and the yachts silently slipped by in the flat calm waters. First to cross the line in Class A was Pure Elegance, followed by Ariel and Yoda all on port tack. They made some short tacks up the harbour and out through the Town Cut. In Class B the Swan 48 Isbjorn on starboard tack crossed the line first at the pin end in what looked like a nice little breeze, with Diana and Starblazer crossing on port closer to the committee vessel.

Viva who arrived yesterday did not take the start and hopes to leave shortly behind the fleet and also Lanchen who had a delay sailing up from the Bahamas and who is due in tomorrow plans to have a quick turnaround and be off to Horta on Thursday.

Our thanks to Tom Clarke for some great photos from the Committee Vessel and to everyone at the Dinghy & Sports Club for hosting a great stopover that everyone enjoyed, it’s been a lot of fun in Bermuda. Next stop, the Azores.

by World Cruising

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