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Barcelona World Race ~Alboran Conundrum

Less than 400 miles to the finish the Mediterranean is living up to is reputation for capricious spring winds, Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam spending a fitful, frustrating night in the Straits and of Gibraltar, now in the west of the Alboran Sea.

Thay have had difficult, shifting light E’ly winds and so it has been upwind. This morning their winds have picked up slightly and backed, so they will be in 10kts from the NNE, making about 9.5kts.

They have the centre of a little low pressure to deal with but their problem seems to be that it tracks NW with them, but by midnight Cheminées Poujoulat should be downwind. Tomorrow afternoon they would then approach a transition at the Balearics into a brisk NE’ly. ETA remains end of morning Wednesday.

Neutrogena are in 20kts of N’ly breeze routing to pass north of the Canaries whilst GAES Centros Auditivos are slightly slower in 15kts breeze. The second placed boat of Guillermo Altadill and José Munoz are 320 miles SWW of the Canaries this morning and making 10.2kts. GAES are 165 miles SW of Neutrogena. They will tack upwind off the African coast to get to Gibraltar where Neutrogena are expected to pass and the end of the afternoon on Friday 27th, due Barcelona on the 29th.

The Doldrums are proving tough for We Are Water and One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton. One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton are 165 miles to the east and are making 8.6kts this morning but probably will reach the NE’ly trade winds this evening, there is still nothing between the two in terms of latitude.

We Are Water crossed back into the north, going over the equator around 22H29 UTC 81days 10hours and 29min after the start from Barcelona 8 hours 9 min after One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton and 13days 01hours 39min after Cheminées Poujoulat.

Renault Captur, 1100 miles to the Equator, are finally getting some NE’ly breezes heading north to the Equator. Thour route there. Their shortes route to get there takes them east which is not necessarily best for the Doldrums.

And Spirit of Hungary are just north of Montevideo behind a cold front in 15-29kts of S;ly breeze. They will get into light and shifty NWly winds Wednesday

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