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Barcelona World Race Feb 17, 2015

Although battered last night in rough conditions the transition from a subtropical depression, all indicators of fleet manager of the Barcelona World Race are green.

At the start of a new week announced conforms to the South Pacific in a westerly flow well established, Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam – who have spent below the 10,000 miles to go to Barcelona – consolidating their advance. Again under the influence of the southern low pressure process, the duo Cheminées Poujoulat already progressing this afternoon around 15 knots; with the guarantee to maintain high speeds throughout the next few days in fraîchissants winds.

Power, caution and vigilance

the side of his pursuers, the game between Neurogena and GAES Centros Auditivos intensifies the trajectories converge to the ice exclusion zone boundary track encircling Antarctica. Sixty miles separates the two boats at the last ranking. One and the other will also accelerate the pace gradually in conditions, which, without being Dantesque, will soon bring happiness to Guillermo Altadill and José Muñoz eager to reap the benefits of their technical stop in New Zealand on board well made ​​reliable monohull. A beautiful chase started between the two crews. Anna Corbella are not deceived and is careful not to sell the skin of the Spanish-Chilean duo before having doubled. Yet in 47th race day, it displays a beautiful serenity. She promises to yield nothing, although his first priority is to preserve the integrity of the equipment and boat. The one that became the first Spanish woman to sail around the world sailing in the previous edition of the race knows it can count on the long hours of training and diligent processes alongside Gerard Marin s hang with a nice consistency. And maintain the distance, in these southern latitudes, with this formidable opponent who has never lie to her favorite role. Barcelona World Race Feb 17, 2015

On the road again … On board the Renault Captur, Sébastien Audigane and Jörg Riechers, like all their competitors know their lot of technical problems. The latest – a piece of outer skin of the starboard rudder tore – put them at work to find a solution quickly and repair damage before this gets worse. This morning, so they, at the price of a dangerous maneuver, donned a ‘sock’ (a kind of outer skin or profile backup) on this damaged rudder. The faster efforts rewarded as the German-French duo has resumed its march forward, at 13-14 knots. I’m back for the grand tour say ction of Cape Horn. In the second half of the fleet, this new week also starts under the sign of rough and demanding conditions of rigor in these hostile latitudes. Yesterday evening, the two rookies Southern Ocean One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton crossed the longitude of Leeuwin. They then conceded nine days and 5 hours on the leader Cheminées Poujoulat. Spirit of Hungary, which brings up the rear of the race, yest expected in the next 24 hours. But to get there, Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman will first have to kowtow formed in a very powerful gusts sea to over 40 knots. Battle, in short, in conditions worthy of the Great South … Rating 14 H TU: 1. Cheminées Poujoulat (B Stamm – J Le Cam) at 9878 miles from the finish 2. Neutrogena (G Altadill – J Muñoz) to 1 181 000 3. GAES Centros Auditivos (A Corbella – G Marino) 1 245 000 4. Renault Captur (J Riechers – Audigane S) 1 492 000 5. We Are Water (B Garcia – Garcia W) 2 539 000 6. One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton (A Gelabert – Costa D) 3 238 000 7. Spirit of Hungary (N F – C Colman) 4 018 000 They said Anna Corbella (GAES Centros Auditivos): Currently, we are progressing very well, downwind in 20-25 knots of westerly wind. Our goal is to bring us together. I will not say that we will catch up with Neutrogena, because it will be difficult as Guillermo (Altadill) will be on the go. But we will try to contain the gap until Atlantic, where there will be more tactical options. We traveled some 12,000 miles and the material shows signs of fatigue, especially sails. But we are happy, we are maintaining good average speeds. We know that if we need to draw on the boat, we are able to do so, but we also know there is still half of the race. We will therefore be very careful Conrad Colman (Spirit of Hungary.): “It is always satisfying to make good s speeds with a racing boat, that’s why we’re here.

We always look at the position, tactics and the winds of One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton. We always keep the hope of reaching double one day, but it is still 700 miles before us. So far we have not had much luck with the weather so it had to change to really consider. But it certainly has not thrown in the towel and we do everything to push the maximum boat. Such as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean has not always been friendly with us. We have not had the same conditions as the other, suddenly we lost even more time. But fingers crossed for the Pacific, which, I hope, will give us an opportunity to find a bit more power.

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