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Bart’s Bash 2016

Bart’s Bash is a global sailing race taking place at hundreds of venues, with thousands of sailors in hundreds of different classes of boat around the world.

This incredible event works on the assumption that sailing venues host their races at weekends and we invite them to unite in one colossal global sailing event. Bart’s Bash is open to all sailing clubs, yacht clubs, scout groups, sea cadets, windsurfing clubs, individuals and any venue globally that can host a race and are inspired to take part.

Put simply it’s the day the world goes sailing!

It’s a day the sailing community remembers Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, a double Olympic medallist who tragically lost his life whilst training for the Americas cup in 2013.

Bart’s Bash is an annual fundraising and participation campaign promoted by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF). Each individual event is organised by a venue which is the organising authority for all activities at their site.

The event was founded in 2014 and was verified By Guinness World Record as The Largest Sailing Race in the World. Sailing venues around the world engaged with the campaign by agreeing to organise a sailing event during the Bart’s Bash period (17th 18th September 2016).

Bart’s Bash has seen more than 45,000 sailors participate in the event in 62 Countries across the 2 years. We hope that in 2016, we can grow the event to be even bigger and continue to help raise awareness of the sport!

The race details will be set locally by each venue, but are not onerous – we expect many of the club venues may use one of their normal morning races as their Bart’s Bash race. Through our new Bart Number handicap system we collect information on entries, results, boats, courses distance and conditions. We use that information to provide an overall results using ‘corrected speed’ in a pioneering results system… please note that ultimately this is fun and not a precise science!

There is no fee for being part of this incredible results service, but if individual sailors truly want to feel you have been part of the big picture we hope you will want to make a donation to be a part of it. Of course everyone can make it so much more than that – you and your venue can raise more money for the charity through sponsorship or other events on the day. Our partner, Justgiving.com is a charity fund raising website that will collect your sponsorship money on our behalf, making it very easy wherever you are in the world – details are included in the sign up process.Barts-Bash-2016

We hope together we can make a difference and help bring sailing to many more people that have not yet been lucky to experience it.

The past 2 years have been phenomenal, and through Bart’s Bash, gala dinners and charity events, we have raised a fantastic amount of money.

This money has allowed the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to work with sailing organisations across the world and bring sailing to those young people who wouldn’t typically get the opportunity to experience it.

Since May 2014 the Foundation has supported 20 different and inspiring projects across the world, supporting organisations to do everything from teaching young people to sail, training Instructors, rewarding volunteers and giving unique experiences to young people.

The figures are great and it’s down to all our wonderful supporters. Without this level of support, it just wouldn’t be possible. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for all your support so far.

We have big plans for 2016, both for Bart’s Bash, which is now taking place on 2 days (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September) and our grant giving programme.

The easiest way to keep up to date with the Foundation’s work is to like and follow the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation and Bart’s Bash on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope you have a great sailing season in 2016.


more info bartsbash.com and youtube.com/user/bartsbash

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