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SINGAPORE YACHT SHOW 23 – 26 April 2015 About the Show The Singapore Yacht Show is your opportunity to discover some of the world’s finest superyacht and international yacht brands in an elite and highly social setting, giving you a chance to enjoy luxury yachting at its finest. Held at the award-winning ONE°15 Marina Club, this exclusive event epitomises luxury ...

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Nobeltec TimeZero 2015

Nobeltec TimeZero

Nobeltec TimeZero app 2015 Furuno DRS4W WiFi radar overlay & more Yes, iPad navigation fans, that is Furuno Watch WiFi Radar overlaid on the Nobeltec TimeZero charting app. I wasn’t even sure that an iPad could overlay radar over a simple vector chart, but here it is over a finely rendered raster chart blended with hi-res satellite photos. This is virtually the ...

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Gemeco iNstall ipad app,

Gemeco iNstall

Gemeco iNstall ipad app, for do-it-yourselfers too First of all, Gemeco’s iNstall app is free if you already have an iPhone or iPad. Second, though aimed at professional marine electronics installers, some of its tools are valuable to do-it-yourself types and even just regular boaters… iNstall includes an ABYC-based wire sizer. Dial in wire length, maximum expected current flow and ...

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Vesper XB-8000 test, much more than a Class B AIS transponder

Vesper XB-8000

I’ve had a Vesper XB-8000 installed in the lab for the last month, and I’m confident that it will do well in a long test on board Gizmo beginning in May. I will miss some features of the Vesper Vision I tested last season, but having the blue box installed behind the scenes will help me test the glass bridge ...

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New SPOT Trace for sailing

SPOT Trace

New SPOT Trace for sailing offers peace of mind by allowing you to track you assets, notify friends and family of your GPS osition and status, mark waypoints, track your progress on Google Maps or notify rescue officials in an emergency. The SPOT product family offers peace of mind beyond the boundaries of cellular. Whether you want to check in, ...

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Sailing Weather in real time MeteoEarth.com

Sailing Weather

Sailing Weather in real time by MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather company, have recently launched MeteoEarth.com, an educational and entertaining web application which allows users to view worldwide weather as it happens, from the comfort of their desktop. The technology which powers MeteoEarth.com has been adapted from a professional broadcasting tool used by TV presenters around the world, and impressive ...

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Marine Watermaker

Sea Clear Watermaker™

Marine Sea Clear Watermaker™ The Boat Watermaker Designed For Cruisers By Cruisers Stop mentally tallying the gallons while the crew showers and rinses the decks. Sea Clear’s high pressure belt / engine-drivenand electric / generator-driven watermakers fill your tanks with 20 – 40 gallons of fresh, pure, great-tasting water per hour. Convenient. The Sea Clear Watermaker™ system significantly increases your self-sufficiency ...

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Zeus Touch Sailing Electronics From B&G

B&G Zeus Touch

I spent last Saturday on a friend’s sailboat at a cruising fleet race hosted by our local yacht club. As we approached the windward mark, there was much discussion as to when to tack, and in the end, we overstood—and then spent the next leg debating the benefits of “coming in hot.” This would not have happened had we had ...

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Fischer Panda Marine Generator

Fischer Panda Marine Generators

Fischer Panda AC/DC Yachts and Boats Generators Fischer Panda offers a range of direct driven DC generators that addresses your DC requirements. With a starting range of 4kW and varying voltages we can support your DC charging needs. Our Fischer Panda AGT are powered by the robust freshwater cooled Kubota engines. These generators are small and lightweight, starting in at a ...

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B&G V50 Fixed Mount VHF


V50 Fixed Mount VHF   radio has Digital Selective Calling, AIS and, when paired with the H50 wireless handset, allows freedom to move about the boat. The radio also offers plug-and-play functionality with B&G’s Zeus Touch. B&G, a leader in marine instruments, autopilot systems and tactical software, has announced the new V50 fixed mount, Digital Selective Calling (DSC) VHF radio ...

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