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Vanquish Yachts

Two hulls of the VQ54 are now under construction at Vanquish Yachts. Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has started construction on two hulls of its VQ54. The model is an evolution of the VQ48 and is intended to be a personal yacht as well as an oversized tender for a superyacht. One of the first owners plans to use the ...

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Sirius Signal’s SOS Distress Light

Chances are you’ve replaced your share of emergency-signaling flares — their expiration dates always seem to arrive sooner than expected. Sirius Signal’s SOS Distress Light ($99) solves this problem by using LED lights as the flare’s light source. Sirius says that the flares can be seen from more than 10 nautical miles away and can operate for up to six ...

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Catering for a complete cross section of sailors prioritising Superb Sailing Pleasure, X-Yachts now has three unique and different ranges. All three lines will be further developed and refined. At the recent Dusseldorf Boat show, X-Yachts announced a complete new edition of the Xperformance range. The first models, including the flagship Xp 55 will go on display at the autumn ...

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88m Feadship, the latest vessel to switch to Seahub

Seahub platform

Hunter Oceanic is excited to announce the recent completion of a fully supported deployment of Seahub onboard an 88m Feadship in Miami, Florida. The deployment involved a complete migration of 6 years’ worth of data from an existing system to the newly released Seahub platform. Seahub was compared against other major providers in the market and the decision was made ...

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Prevention Yacht Boat Insurance yes or …

That time when the only option is to go… © Pantaenius Australia http://www.pantaenius.com.au

With boating, you have to cast the lines off in order to go and get into it. However, when it comes to your insurer, you kind of expect that they’re going to be as bound to you as the standing rigging is to the mast, the ring frames to the hull, or the engine mounts to the runners, and the ...

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Undersea Aquahoverer new superyacht accessory

Undersea Aquahoverer

America’s most distinguished retail catalog company Hammacher Schlemmer offers a truly unique product, the Undersea Aquahoverer. A new personal submarine is favorably designed with simplicity in mind, it makes underwater navigation as easy as driving a car. This is the easiest submersible to operate in the world because it hovers in-place without the need for adjusting ballast or managing drop ...

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Zhik Xeflex

Zhik Zeflex © Zhik http://www.zhik.com

This radiant barrier mid-layer nearly defies description. How do you make a water resistant garment that really breathes, yet reflects your own body heat back to you? Where do you find a compression resistant and extremely insulating filling that is nowhere near as bulky as the Michelin Man, yet gives you that kind of warmth and comfort? Well it started ...

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Sailing not only for the beginner from WikiHow

How to Sail a Boat

For centuries, the sea has captured the spirits of sailors and adventurers all over the world. In his poem “Sea Fever”, John Masefield claimed that all he needed was “a tall ship and a star to steer her by” to feel complete. Breaking into the sailing world can be challenging, but this article will help guide you through the ebb ...

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