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Costa’s 580 lenses come in a variety of lens colors, including sunrise, copper, silver, gray, green and blue.

Costa Del Mar’s 580 lens technology offers yachtsmen a new perspective on the world. An infinite stretch of aquamarine appeared before my eyes as my sweet ride, a Viking 52 Convertible, cruised toward Resorts World Bimini. Midday sunlight pierced the shallows and drop-offs, offering countless variations of the trance-inducing color scheme.  I took in the gorgeous scenery through a test ...

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Mini Transat

Mini Transat © Christophe Beschi

Created to ensure sailors once again had a prominent place in a race ranking, the Mini Transat was devised by British sailor Bob Salmon and first set sail from Penzance in Cornwall some 40 years ago. Twenty-seven sailors took part in the first edition, somewhat shrouded in secrecy. Since that time, the number of applicants has continued to grow and ...

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Thinking about Autopilot

Courtesy Edson International A traditional magnetic compass has its place, but instruments rely on a modern heading sensor.

The new breed of solid-state compasses will steady your autopilot and take the wiggle out of your wake. Years ago, my parents owned a C&C 37 that we cruised extensively offshore, often sailing from our Connecticut home to points north such as Maine and Nova Scotia. While the boat was quick on most points of sail, her tumble­home hull form ...

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Cowes Week Triple Crown

Cowes Week Triple Crown © Cowes Week http://www.cowesweek.co.uk

Momentum is building in the lead-up to the inaugural Triple Crown at Cowes Week – the new mini-series for Big Boats holding its first edition in 2017. Cowes Week Ltd is delighted to announce the confirmed participation of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet and the super-maxi CQS, setting the scene for what promises to be some stunning and highly competitive ...

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Legendary Carlo Riva Dies at 95

Carlo Riva opened the Riva shipyard in 1954.

The legendary yacht builder created some of the most famous boat models in nautical history. We are saddened to report that yachting legend Carlo Riva passed away today, April 10, 2017, in his hometown of Sarnico, Italy. Ferretti’s CEO Alberto Galassi said of Riva, “The world has lost a brilliant creator of boats, a master of style, a giant in ...

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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on the Clipper Race’s Seattle visit

RKJ winching. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston to compete in Round Britain and Ireland Race © onEdition http://www.onEdition.com

Offshore racing is easily one of sailing’s most seductive sirens, but learning to be a safe and responsible offshore sailor isn’t something that one can learn in a casual afternoon of instruction, nor something that one can pick up on a couple milk-run deliveries from Port A to Port B. Instead, it’s something that requires thousands of miles of real-world ...

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Virtual Sailing World

Virtual Sailing World

Today SailX is delighted to announce the Virtual Sailing World Championship 2017. This Championship will start on Monday 17th April and conclude five weeks later on Sunday 14th May with a Grand Final – a single regatta between the Top-30. Winner-takes-all. Entry is fully-open and free and importantly, scoring ramps up as the competition progresses, giving new players plenty of ...

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Well after the disasters of the last few days I am pleased to say that I have had a easy day at sea. After the stress of the fuel transfer yesterday I was absolutely shattered, both mentally and physically. As soon as the fuel was stowed and the boat was safely motoring north I went to bed and fell into ...

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McLellan Jacobs Tempting Toys

McLellan Jacobs will incorporate similar styling from its bespoke kayak to a paddleboard coming this year.

McLellan Jacobs, known for its upscale carbon-fiber kayak, is applying its smart sense of style to a paddleboard. Five years ago, New Zealand-based designers Andy Jacobs and Jamie McLellan brought their idea for an upscale kayak to the Monaco Yacht Show. They showed a select group of people their $25,000 standard model — with gold-plated brass fittings, teak woodwork and ...

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Debbie part II ~ Insurance

One of the many sad stories on Hamilton Island © .

If you have been on the planet or around boats long enough, you’ll know all about the 7Ps. The one ‘C’ mentioned here refers to consequence, and in the legalese that surrounds insurance, it gets applied distinctly to consequential damage. We’ll come back to all of that in a while, but for now, our mission is to look at the ...

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