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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on the Clipper Race’s Seattle visit

RKJ winching. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston to compete in Round Britain and Ireland Race © onEdition http://www.onEdition.com

Offshore racing is easily one of sailing’s most seductive sirens, but learning to be a safe and responsible offshore sailor isn’t something that one can learn in a casual afternoon of instruction, nor something that one can pick up on a couple milk-run deliveries from Port A to Port B. Instead, it’s something that requires thousands of miles of real-world ...

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Virtual Sailing World

Virtual Sailing World

Today SailX is delighted to announce the Virtual Sailing World Championship 2017. This Championship will start on Monday 17th April and conclude five weeks later on Sunday 14th May with a Grand Final – a single regatta between the Top-30. Winner-takes-all. Entry is fully-open and free and importantly, scoring ramps up as the competition progresses, giving new players plenty of ...

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Well after the disasters of the last few days I am pleased to say that I have had a easy day at sea. After the stress of the fuel transfer yesterday I was absolutely shattered, both mentally and physically. As soon as the fuel was stowed and the boat was safely motoring north I went to bed and fell into ...

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McLellan Jacobs Tempting Toys

McLellan Jacobs will incorporate similar styling from its bespoke kayak to a paddleboard coming this year.

McLellan Jacobs, known for its upscale carbon-fiber kayak, is applying its smart sense of style to a paddleboard. Five years ago, New Zealand-based designers Andy Jacobs and Jamie McLellan brought their idea for an upscale kayak to the Monaco Yacht Show. They showed a select group of people their $25,000 standard model — with gold-plated brass fittings, teak woodwork and ...

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Debbie part II ~ Insurance

One of the many sad stories on Hamilton Island © .

If you have been on the planet or around boats long enough, you’ll know all about the 7Ps. The one ‘C’ mentioned here refers to consequence, and in the legalese that surrounds insurance, it gets applied distinctly to consequential damage. We’ll come back to all of that in a while, but for now, our mission is to look at the ...

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Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair attempting to be the first woman to sail around Antarctica solo - in her Open 50 Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair 895nm South of Cape Town At approximately 0300hrs (AEST) on April 4, Lisa Blair issued a PAN PAN 895nm south of Cape Town when in 40 knot winds and seven metre swell her boat Climate Action Now was dismasted after the port shroud broke in a knock down. Her position was reported as 048:38:384 S 022:31:430 E. Search ...

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Cyclone Debbie

Queensland Cyclone

Hamilton Island faces massive five-month rebuild Hamilton Island faces a massive five-month rebuild but will partly reopen for business next Saturday after “all hell broke loose”. Exclusive pictures obtained by The Sunday Mail shows the “apocalyptic” scale of destruction to privately owned homes, luxury hotels and yachts at ground zero in the cyclone-ravaged Whitsundays. Hamilton Island chief executive Glenn Bourke ...

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Cowes & Fastnet Info Sheet 28 July – 12 August 2017

Cowes & Fastnet Info Sheet

The Race – Fastnet 603 nautical miles Alongside the Sydney- Hobart, the Fastnet race is one of the truly iconic yacht races. The race is only held every two years and, despite being the largest by far of the world’s classic 600-mile offshore races in terms of participants, race entry is always massively oversubscribed, making it that much harder to ...

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Exposure to the sun is a serious issue for all

Calcluate your burn time with this SPF Formula Richard Gladwell

A Few Rays- Calculate how long your sunscreen lasts. Confused by SPF’s? It’s easy to calculate how long you will be protected by using the following process. To Calculate SPF protection: First estimate from your own experience how long it takes your unprotected skin to feel burnt. In the case of a person with very fair skin, this can be ...

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BVI Spring Regatta

Fun racing in CSA Jib & Main for Jeremi Jablonski's Hanse 43 © BVI Spring Regatta

In CSA Racing on Day 1 of the BVI Spring Regatta, fleet leaders established early, with the winners of the three racing divisions each taking three bullets in a clean sweep. Blitz, the King 40 owned and skippered by Peter Corr (USA), took first in CSA-Racing 1 (Three points); Team McFly-Joanna, the Beneteau First 40 skippered by Tony Mack (GBR) ...

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