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Congressional Cup May 15, 2015

It was worth the wait! Congressional Cup racing was postponed this morning as an unseasonable storm buffeted Southern California. But behind the tempest came clear skies and a steady breeze that climbed from 10 to 18 knots as several matches were smartly waged.

Earlier in the day, PRO Randy Smith had cancelled the second of the round robins, saying they were running out of time. Advancement would rely on their standings after solely the first round robin.

With the stakes high, the final three flights were fierce; and on the offensive, mistakes were made. Phil Robertson lost to Taylor Canfield; but shut the door on Przemeyslaw Tarnacki at their start, and went on to take that race.

Eric Monnin earned a double flag penalty in the start sequence of his match with Swinton (Monnin lost); while Dickson and Aschenbrenner were both OCS for their start (Dickson won). It was ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy.’

After a tense wait, the results of a tie-breaker were announced: including a surprising penalty against top-ranked Ian Williams that bounced him out of the top six.

Advancing directly into the quarterfinals are (in order) Taylor Canfield, Congressional Cup: Solid breeze chases stormReuben Corbett, Phil Robertson, Joachim Aschenbrenner, Bjorn Hansen and Chris Steele. The remainder, Ian Williams, Keith Swinton, Scott Dickson, Przemysław Tarnacki, Eric Monnin and Dustin Durant, began the first of five flights to determine which two will make the quarterfinals.

The battle to stay alive in the 51st Congressional Cup continues tomorrow, Saturday May 16, directly off Long Beach Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, a thrilling vantage point to watch world-class match racing, right under your nose.


Canfield 9-2
Corbett 7-4
Robertson 7-4
Aschenbrenner 6-5
Hansen 6-5
Steele 6-5

Williams 6-5
Swinton 5-6
Monnin 5-6
Durant 4-7
Dickson 3-8
Tarnacki 2-9

by sailingscuttlebutt

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