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Cowes Week - Hanging around on the sixth day of Cowes Week

Cowes Week – Hanging around on the sixth day of Cowes Week

Janet Dee sailing her 65 year-old Victory – Variety – has won the Royal Southern Ariel Trophy for the fastest female on the helm on Liz Earle Ladies Day.

Dee, from Portsmouth (the home of the 81 year-old Alfred Westmacott-designed Victory class) is no stranger to podium. She and her team on Variety took an overall class win last year and look set once again, to make a final challenge to defend their title. There are now just two points between the top four boats in class.

Built in 1950, Variety naturally has a bit of history. Dee added: “Her sail number is 57 so she is named Variety, as in Heinz 57. My father, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, owned her originally but I sail her now. My father also bought my first Victory when I was born and named us both Janet, so we sailed against each other for many years. Janet then became the mould for the new glassfibre Victory boats, so they are all based on her.”Cowes Week - Hanging around on the sixth day of Cowes Week

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week – Leading results for Day 6 Thursday 13 August 2015

NYYC Challenge Cup
1, Tonnerre 4 (P W Vroon)
2, Sorcha (Peter Harrison)
3, Bella Mente (Hap Fauth)
4, Momo (Dieter Schoen)
5, Jethou (Sir Peter Ogden)

IRC Big Boats
1, Bella Mente (Hap Fauth)
2, Momo (Dieter Schoen)
3, Jethou (Sir Peter Ogden)
4, Solent Events Monster (Andrew Budgen)
5, Team Jolokia (Sopra steria, Lafarge, TF1)

IRC Class 0
1, Tonnerre 4 (P W Vroon)
2, Sorcha (Peter Harrison)
3, Invictus (Sir Keith Mills)
4, Spitfire (Jonathan Bamberger)
5, Tokoloshe II (Michael Bartholomew)

IRC Class 1
1, Antilope (Willem Wester)
2, Teasing Machine (Eric De Turckheim)
3, McFly (Tony & Sally Mack)
4, Eclectic (Colin Campbell)
5, Leeloo (Harold Vermeulen)

IRC Class 2
1, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
2, Zephyr (Steve Cowie and Ian Marshall)
3, Miss U (Avia Willment)
4, Minx 3 (Jonathan Gardiner)
5, Garanti Sailing (Kursad Terzi)

IRC Class 3
1, Incognito (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, Saffier Nitro (Dennis Hennevanger)
3, Anticipation (Peter Newlands)
4, Salvo (Mr & Mrs Peter Morton)
5, Playing Around (Nick Rawbone)

IRC Class 4
1, Strait Dealer (David Franks)
2, Amaris 2 (IBA Sailing Team)
3, Jin Tonic (Andy Roberts)
4, Stiletto (John Barrett and Paul woodward)
5, Griel (Robert Jockin)

IRC Class 5
1, Jet (James and John Owen)
2, Winsome (Harry J Heijst)
3, Blackjack II (Andy Howe and Annie Kelly)
4, Upstart (Robin Stevenson and Jaap Brommersma)
5, Cor Blimey (Giles Redpath)

IRC Class 6
1, Whooper (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)
3, Magic (Smith, Dallas & Richards)
4, Two Frank (Sam Flint and Olly Love)
5, Polly (Meakins and Cudmore)

IRC Class 7
1, Woof (Jo Richards)
2, Madelaine (Edward Donald, Madelaine Donald, Isobella Donald and Rob Ree)
3, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
4, Google-Eye (Pat Stables and Nigel Hunter)
5, Fsharp (David Hunter)

1, Musandam – Oman Sail (Sidney Gavignet)
2, Concise 10 (Ned Collier-Wakefield)
3, Prince De Bretagne (Lionel Lemonchois)
4, Phaedo 3 (Brian Thompson)
5, Prb (Vincent Riou)

Contessa 32
1, Blanco (Ray Rouse)
2, Assent (Kit & Jessie Rogers)
3, Conspiracy (Ray Mitchell and Sarah Gordon)
4, Nimbus (Charles Hill)
5, Gualin (Rob Duke, Oli Donaghy, Alexander de Montfort, Oli Bowen and)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Pioneer Lutine (Andrew Jameson)
2, Thunder Squall (Julian James)
3, Solid Air (Richard Strong)
4, Zenith (David McDonald)
5, Great Escape (Phil Munday)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Whisper (Peter Bainbridge)
2, Headstrong (Graham Broomfield)
3, Haggis 2 (Andrew & Rebecca Buchanan)
4, Calypso (Jon Foreman)
5, Little Spirit (Brian Cooper)

1, Defender (R J Preston and R Laird)
2, Doublet (John Corby)
3, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
4, Decoy (Andrew Norton, Richard Ottaway, Julian Goodwin, Mike Holland)
5, Audax (Roger Marwood)

1, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
2, Christianna (Oliver Morgan)
3, Aimee (Graham Bailey)
4, Naiad (Mike Hayles)
5, Sofia (Michael Issaias)

1, Time & Tide (Robert Elliott)
2, Exabyte V (Shaun Frohlich & Emily Frohlich)
3, Ziggy Legend (Ben Palmer)
4, Mano (Matt Reid)
5, Moonlight (Mark Downer)

Flying 15
1, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert and John Mander)
2, Freddie Flintoff (Will Heritage)
3, Black (Commodore Nick Clarke)
4, Ffuraha (Mike Boll and Gil McCutcheon)
5, Affore The Weak (Alex & Michael Tatlow)

1, Harlequin (J Goodwin & J Calascione)
2, Jugador (Jack Davies)
3, Offbeat (David McLeman)
4, Genesta (Patrick Seely)
5, Justnow (Paul Molesworth)

1, Jat (Kevin Sproul)
2, Swallow (Andrew Wishart)
3, Purple Haze (Shane Armitage and Oliver Dunford)
4, Betty (Jon Powell)
5, Boysterous (Ali Hall)

1, Inspara (Tor McLaren and Andrew Horrocks)
2, Pure Joy (Christopher Sharples, Richard Acland and Patrick Tolhurst)
3, Judgement Day (Richard Marsden & Emma Toman)
4, Jolly Jack Tar (James Baker)
5, Jubilee (Tony Dickin)

1, Miranda (Anthony Eaton)
2, Halluf (Guy Mattinson and Jerry Pocock)
3, Adastra (Ben Few Brown)
4, Amethyst (Broxham Cotterell Youngman)
5, Zara (Glanville)

Quarter Ton
1, Bullit (Louise Morton)
2, Aguila (Sam Laidlaw)
3, Tiger (Morty)
4, Cote (Rob Gray and David Chapman)
5, Blackfun (Tony Hayward)

1, Quail (Ed Peel)
2, Capella II (Hugo Cuddigan QC and Edward Butler)
3, Paroquet (Meri Benham, Lucy Benham and Robert Holbrook)
4, Plover (Andrew & Sabrina Eddy)
5, Harlequin (Matt Alexander and John Raymond)

RS Elite
1, Aeolus (Jono Brown)
2, Shaken Not Stirred (Nick Peters)
3, Foudafafa (Mike McIntyre)
4, E’Tu (Steve Powell)
5, Duel (Andy Partington)

1, Edigitalresearch (Edward Handasyde Dick, Alec & Clairey Russell and Emily West)
2, Baloo (Dave Atkinson)
3, Whyaduck (Tom Clay)
4, Sponge Bob (Syd Mclean)
5, Here Comes Bod (Charles Whelan and Richard McAdam)

Sigma 33
1, Shadowfax (David Rolfe)
2, Partisan (Dan Lewis)
3, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
4, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)
5, Polished Manx (Kuba Szymanski)

Sigma 38
1, With Alacrity (Chris & Vanessa Choules and Friends)
2, Pavlova III (Max Walker)
3, Quatro Solutions (Andrew Gordon)
4, Sam (Peter Hopps, Hilary Cook and Serena Alexander)
5, Sigmania (David Linton and Miranda Lindsay-Fynn)

1, Chimera Team Gbr (John Roberston, Steve Thomas and Simon Rosier)
2, Jenny (Andy Cassell)
3, Dolphin (Craig Wood)
4, Bertie (Alistair Barter)
5, Discard (David Peerless)

Sportsboat (Div 1)
1, Red (Joe Woods)
2, Sabriel Jr (Dirk & Dianne van Beek)
3, Ji Fi (Stewart Hawthorn)
4, Ino (James Neville)
5, So Steamy (Nick & Annie Haigh)

Sportsboat (Div 2)
1, Fer De Lance (Glyn, Alex and Anthony Locke)
2, Abracadabra (Howard and Tom Steavenson)
3, V1 (Jo Gillespie)
4, Ovington Boats (Nathan Batchelor)
5, Spider Pig (Rob & Lucinda Mclean)

1, Helmut Shoing II (Nigel and Jack Grogan)
2, Lady Penelope (Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)

1, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
2, Fay (Richard Pearson)
3, Danny (Roger Wickens)
4, Melody (Commander John Ford)

Sunsail Match F40
1, Aberdeen 1 (Sunsail)
2, Ascot Lloyd (Sunsail)
3, Pcp Team Switzerland (Sunsail)
4, Kroll (Sunsail)
5, Cyberark (Sunsail)

1, Archon (Sir Malcolm Green)
2, Marengo (Hugo Sloper)
3, Migrant (Charles Fisher and Richard Thompson)
4, Avocet (John Houghton)
5, Solitude (Anthony Lunch and Andrew Reid)

1, Zinnia (John Scammell)
2, Variety (Janet Dee)
3, Shearwater II (Russell Mead)
4, Ziva (Mark and Joanna Dennington and Jim Downing)
5, Peregrine (Team Peregrine)

X One Design
1, Arrow (George Alford)
2, Catherine (Colin McKinnon, Neil Hart and Mark Palmer)
3, Lass (Jeremy Lear, Richard Bullock, John Tremlett and Richard Jord)
4, Xl (Rory, Amanda and Stuart Paton)
5, Rachel (Garrath & Penny Fulford)

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