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Cowes Week - On the eighth and final day of Cowes Week

Cowes Week – On the eighth and final day of Cowes Week

The final day of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week saw a return to champagne sailing conditions

The overall Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week regatta winners are – Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey’s Squib Lady Penelope in White Group and Adam Gosling’s Corby 36 Yes! in Black Group. Gosling also won the Aberdeen Asset Management Overall Trophy for the best performance at the regatta.

The overall results in the majority of the White Group dayboat classes were determined Saturday: At the start of the day the rankings in the Sonar class could hardly have been closer, with the top four boats only two points apart. By the finish Chimera Team GBR had retained her overall lead to win the class, while Dolphin and Bertie tied on 14 points, with the count back going in the former’s favour.

The Seaview Mermaid is another class that was wide open at the start of the day, with the top four boats separated by only four points. Observers at the finish were hard pushed to predict who would cross the line first – the leading six boats were only 22 seconds apart. A win for Adastra cemented her position as class leader, while a sixth place for Zara saw her cling onto second overall, one point ahead of Anthony Eaton’s Miranda.

Today’s race also determined the J/70 overall results, with Jack Davies’ team of young sailors on Jugador and J Calascione’s Harlequin both starting the day tied on 15 points at the top of the leaderboard. Harlequin won today’s race and therefore the series, while a third for Jugador was enough to secure her position in second place overall, seven and a half points ahead of David McLeman’s Offbeat.

In the SB20 class Dave Atkinson’s Baloo was assured overall victory by the tightest of margins with a day to spare. A second place in today’s race for Edward Handasyde Dick’s eDigitalResearch secured his position in second overall, one and a half points ahead of today’s race winner, Charles Whelan and Richard McAdam’s Here Comes Bod.

In the Sportsboat class Stewart Hawthorn’s J/88 Ji Fi started the race with a 10-point advantage on Howard and Tom Steavenson’s little VX One Abracadabra. Hawthorn was victorious overall, while a second place today lifted Rob and Lucinda Mclean’s modified Cork 1720 Spider Pig to second overall and winner of the Sportsboat Division 2 for smaller boats. Abracadabra held onto third in the overall Sportsboat class by one point.Cowes Week - On the eighth and final day of Cowes Week

Giles Peckham’s Daring Dauntless was already assured of a class win, as well as the overall lead across the White Group classes. Jeremy Preston’s Defender was also secure in second place overall, but competition for third was still open, with John Corby’s Doublet enjoying a seven-point margin over Andrew Norton’s Decoy. Saturday, was not a good one on the water for Corby, who finished 13th, however, it was even less good for Norton, who crossed the line more than three minutes later in 18th place.

While Shaun and Emily Frolich’s Etchells Exabyte V had already secured a victory in the Etchells class, a five-way fight for second overall played out on the water Saturday. Nick Stagg’s China White, finished seventh, and Mark Downer’s Moonlight in sixth place left the two boats tied on 24 points, with the count back resolved in Downer’s favour thanks to his win in yesterday’s race.

The top of the leaderboard of the Dragon class was wide open at the start of the day, with Graham and Julia Bailey’s Aimee just two points ahead of Eric Williams’ Ecstatic. With a discard coming into play at the end of today’s race, Eric Williams’ Ecstatic was able to discard his eighth place on Sunday’s race to finish the series three points ahead of Julia Bailey’s Aimee. Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa took third overall.

Sir Malcolm Green’s Archon, who started the Swallow race with a slim two-point overall advantage on young sailor Hugo Sloper’s Marengo, had a commanding lead at the finish of today’s race, giving him the overall class win as well. Sloper took second in class, which also earned him and his young crew the Aberdeen Asset Management Under 25 Trophy.

Fourteen year old Will Heritage, sailing with his father David, took victory in the Flying 15 class, counting a string of second places and one first in a performance that also earned him the Young Skipper trophy. Rupert and John Mander’s Men Behaving Badly and Nick Clarke’s Black both finished on 18 points, with the Manders taking second overall on count back.

In the Squib class Andy Ramsey’s Lady Penelope finished as class leaders with a day to spare.

In the Redwing class a second place today for Ed Peel’s Quail saw him retain the class lead, five points ahead of Bruce Huber’s Redstart. A third in today’s race helped to lift Hugo Cuddigan and Edward Butler’s Capella ll up to third overall, just one point behind Huber.

John Tremlett’s Lass finished the XOD class series on only 12 points, giving Tremlett, Jeremy Lear, Richard Bullock and Richard Jordon a third successive class win. Rory, Amanda and Stuart Paton’s XL in second place today secured her crew second overall. Paul Woodman and Oliver James’ Ibex finished more than 12 minutes behind Lass in 11th place today, but it was enough to take third overall.

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week – FINAL Leading Overall results

Black Group Overall
1, YES! (Adam Gosling)
2, WOOF (Jo Richards)
3, SALVO (Mr & Mrs Peter Morton)
4, STRAIT DEALER (David Franks)
5, WHOOPER (Giovanni Belgrano)
6, BLANCO (Ray Rouse)
7, ABERDEEN 1 (Sunsail)
8, SHADOWFAX (David Rolfe)
9, AGUILA (Sam Laidlaw)

White Group Overall
1, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham)
2, ECSTATIC (Eric Williams)
3, ZINNIA (John Scammell)
4, LADY PENELOPE (Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
5, LASS (Jeremy Lear, Richard Bullock, John Tremlett and Richard Jord)
6, QUAIL (Ed Peel)
7, EXABYTE V (Shaun Frohlich & Emily Frohlich)
8, AEOLUS (Jono Brown)
9, JI FI (Stewart Hawthorn)

IRC Big Boats
1, BELLA MENTE (Hap Fauth)
2, MOMO (Dieter Schoen)
4, JETHOU (Sir Peter Ogden)
5, TEAM JOLOKIA (Sopra steria, Lafarge, TF1)

IRC Class 0
1, TONNERRE 4 (P W Vroon)
2, INVICTUS (Sir Keith Mills)
3, TOKOLOSHE II (Michael Bartholomew)
4, COIN COIN (Bastiaan de Voogd)
5, SPITFIRE (Jonathan Bamberger)
6, LEU (Albert Schweizer and Claus Loewe)
8, REBELLION (Stewart Whitehead)
9, TOE IN THE WATER TOO (Capt Lloyd Hamilton)
10, OYSTERCATCHER XXX (Richard Matthews)

IRC Class 1
1, TEASING MACHINE (Eric De Turckheim)
2, ANTILOPE (Willem Wester)
3, MCFLY (Tony & Sally Mack)
4, JOURNEY MAKER II (Chris Jones and Louise Makin)
5, ERIVALE III (Michael Greville)
6, ECLECTIC (Colin Campbell)
7, COBRA (Seb Blair)
8, LEELOO (Harold Vermeulen)
9, MAVERICK 5 (Dominic Chappell)
10, JELVIS (Martin Dent)

IRC Class 2
1, YES! (Adam Gosling)
2, ZEPHYR (Steve Cowie and Ian Marshall)
3, PREMIER FLAIR (Jim Macgregor)
4, LA REPONSE (Andrew McIrvine)
5, GARANTI SAILING (Kursad Terzi)
6, MISS U (Avia Willment)
7, KRATOS (Robert Martin)
8, MINX 3 (Jonathan Gardiner)
9, TILT (Alex & Andy Moore)
10, SPOOKSCHIP (Van Hemeldonck Jan)

IRC Class 3
1, SALVO (Mr & Mrs Peter Morton)
2, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
3, SAFFIER NITRO (Dennis Hennevanger)
4, ANTICIPATION (Peter Newlands)
5, CHALLENGER (Adam Ridett and Phil Moore)
6, NO RETREAT! (David Riley)
7, SPACE RACE (Jonathan Blanshard)
8, MALAIKA (Daniel Anthony)
9, PLAYING AROUND (Nick Rawbone)
10, BANSHEE (Lance Adams)

IRC Class 4
1, STRAIT DEALER (David Franks)
2, STILETTO (John Barrett and Paul woodward)
3, AMARIS 2 (IBA Sailing Team)
4, ZARAFA (Peter Scholfield)
5, JIN TONIC (Andy Roberts)
6, MALICE (Mike Moxley)
7, GRIEL (Robert Jockin)
8, ABRACADABRA (Rhys Perkins & Partners)
9, MUSKOX (Neville Devonport)
10, THRUST (Richard & Laura Shellcock)

IRC Class 5
1, WINSOME (Harry J Heijst)
2, MOGAN (Graham Thursfield)
3, BLACKJACK II (Andy Howe and Annie Kelly)
4, APEX (Robert Leggett)
5, JET (James and John Owen)
6, 2XS (Aindriu McCormack)
7, ALAMARA B III (Ole Bettum)
8, J’RONIMO (David & Ms Libby Greenhalgh)
9, COR BLIMEY (Giles Redpath)
10, UPSTART (Robin Stevenson and Jaap Brommersma)

IRC Class 6
1, WHOOPER (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, MAGIC (Smith, Dallas & Richards)
3, POLLY (Meakins and Cudmore)
4, USHAKA (Tim Cork)
5, CRAKAJAX (Richard Hollis)
6, ICOM COOL BLUE (Simon Cory)
7, TWO FRANK (Sam Flint and Olly Love)
8, XTRACT (Nicky Gardner and Dudley Stock)
9, TRUDI (Chris Williams)
10, MOONDANCER (Tim Knight)

IRC Class 7
1, WOOF (Jo Richards)
2, MANDARIN (Paul Dunstan)
3, GOOGLE-EYE (Pat Stables and Nigel Hunter)
4, MEOW (Chris Charlesworth)
5, MADELAINE (Edward Donald, Madelaine Donald, Isobella Donald and Rob Ree)
6, KALLISTA (Chris Halewood)
7, FSHARP (David Hunter)
8, DOOM BAR (Ian R Gibbs)
9, HANNAH J (Richard & Sarah Johnson)

Contessa 32
1, BLANCO (Ray Rouse)
2, CONSPIRACY (Ray Mitchell and Sarah Gordon)
3, DRUMBEAT (Eldred Himsworth)
4, NIMBUS (Charles Hill)
6, ASSENT (Kit & Jessie Rogers)
7, ANDAXI (Chris North)
8, GUALIN (Rob Duke, Oli Donaghy, Alexander de Montfort, Oli Bowen and)
9, LECAS (Christophe Declercq)
10, COH KAREK (Tim Devlin)

Cork 1720
1, PREMIER CRU (Tom Richardson)
2, ROGAN JOSH (Powell and Sutherland)
3, MIDNIGHT COWBOY (Steph Merry)
4, RUM N CORK (Livingstone and Lewis)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, PANTHER (James Stableford)
2, THUNDER SQUALL (Julian James)
3, PIONEER LUTINE (Andrew Jameson)
4, SOLID AIR (Richard Strong)
5, ZEPHYR OF LYMINGTON (Lord Michael Grade and Michael St Aldwyn)
6, GREAT ESCAPE (Phil Munday)
7, GIRLSFORSAIL.COM2 (Nikki Henderson and Annie O Sullivan)
8, KISWALA (Stephen Brookson)
9, THE PACKHOUSE (Alison Hougham)
10, DOTTY DOT (Clive Cutler)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, HEADSTRONG (Graham Broomfield)
2, WHISPER (Peter Bainbridge)
3, DABRA (Ian Miller)
4, SEA SHANTY (David Neville)
5, HAGGIS 2 (Andrew & Rebecca Buchanan)
6, WHITE HEATHER (Janet, Lionel and David Miller)
7, CALYPSO (Jon Foreman)
8, IF…. (Martin Moore)
9, LITTLE SPIRIT (Brian Cooper)
10, KALLISTE (Piers Dibben)

1, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham)
2, DEFENDER (R J Preston and R Laird)
3, DOUBLET (John Corby)
4, DECOY (Andrew Norton, Richard Ottaway, Julian Goodwin, Mike Holland)
5, FINESSE (Diana Christie)
6, DIAMOND (Mike Fox)
7, DOLPHIN (David N Gower)
8, DEFIANT (Charles Perry, Fabian French, Philip Blackwell, Peter Buckle)
9, DOUBLE KNOT (John Hackman)
10, DIVISION BELLE (Christopher Hill, Iain Rawlinson, Justin Reynolds, Calum Sil)

1, ECSTATIC (Eric Williams)
2, AIMEE (Graham Bailey)
3, JERBOA (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
4, CHRISTIANNA (Oliver Morgan)
5, NAIAD (Mike Hayles)
6, FURIOUS (Owen Pay)
7, BERTIE (Simon Barter)
8, SOFIA (Michael Issaias)
9, FLOTATION (Richard Davies)
10, CHIME (Jennifer Stutley)

1, EXABYTE V (Shaun Frohlich & Emily Frohlich)
2, MOONLIGHT (Mark Downer)
3, CHINA WHITE (Nick Stagg)
4, STRAIT DEALER (Doug Flynn, Seve Jarvin and Steve Jarvin)
5, ZIGGY LEGEND (Ben Palmer)
6, ICE (Andrew Cooper)
7, TIME & TIDE (Robert Elliott)
8, PALAVER (James Morson, Sophie Stockton and Rory David)
9, MANO (Matt Reid)
10, STAMPEDE (Rob Goddard)

Farr 280
1, SO STEAMY (Nick & Annie Haigh)
2, INO (James Neville)
3, RED (Joe Woods)
4, PANDEMONIUM (Richard Rankin)
5, PLUS DE RHUM (Malcolm Glaister)

Figaro II
1, REDSHIFT (Ed Fishwick)
2, ARTEMIS FIGARO 37 (Rob Bunce)
3, CHATHAM MARINE 21 (Sam Matson)
4, ARTEMIS FIGARO 23 (Andrew Baker)
5, ARTEMIS FIGARO 77 (Will Harris)
6, ARTEMIS FIGARO 43 (Robin Elsey)
7, VASCO DA GAMA (Alan Roberts)

First 40
1, ZEPHYR (Steve Cowie and Ian Marshall)
2, LA REPONSE (Andrew McIrvine)
3, TILT (Alex & Andy Moore)
4, KRATOS (Robert Martin)
5, MINX 3 (Jonathan Gardiner)
8, LANCELOT II (Matt Williams and Neil Harrison)
9, BORDIER & CIE (UK) PLC (Bordier & Cie (UK) PLC)
10, DUSTY P (Dusty P)

First 40.7
1, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, ANTICIPATION (Peter Newlands)
3, CHALLENGER (Adam Ridett and Phil Moore)
4, SPACE RACE (Jonathan Blanshard)
5, PLAYING AROUND (Nick Rawbone)
7, FANDANGO (Brendan McMahon)
8, ADDICTION (Lanklaters)
9, ANARCHY FIREBALL (Rachel McNamara and Chris Clark)

Flying 15
1, FREDDIE FLINTOFF (Will Heritage)
2, MEN BEHAVING BADLY (Rupert and John Mander)
3, BLACK (Commodore Nick Clarke)
4, FFURAHA (Mike Boll and Gil McCutcheon)
5, DOUBLE TROUBLE (Andrew Rutherford)
6, FFOLLY (Chris Wright/Nicki Hooper)
7, AFFORE THE WEAK (Alex & Michael Tatlow)
8, FFREEFIRE20 (Sam Chan)
9, FFLASHBACK (Mike Dixon)
10, FIFTY FIFTY (Andrew Millband)

Hunter Impala
1, MAGIC (Smith, Dallas & Richards)
2, POLLY (Meakins and Cudmore)
3, TRUDI (Chris Williams)
4, TWO FRANK (Sam Flint and Olly Love)
5, UPROAR (Luke Scott)
6, VOODOO (Pete Rouse)
7, CURVED AIR (Gareth Morris, Ed Knowles and David Sprague)
8, SPECTRUM (J Simmons)
9, BURHOU (Stephen Parrott)

1, HARLEQUIN (J Goodwin & J Calascione)
2, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
3, OFFBEAT (David McLeman)
4, GENESTA (Patrick Seely)
5, JUSTNOW (Paul Molesworth)
6, JIKA (Mike and Jamie Holmes)
7, DSP (Doug Struth)
8, LITTLE FIDESSA (Sarah Danes)
9, VALKYRIE (Christopher Hill)
10, ENDEAVOUR (Duncan Byatt)

1, JAT (Kevin Sproul)
2, PURPLE HAZE (Shane Armitage and Oliver Dunford)
3, BOYSTEROUS (Ali Hall)
4, BETTY (Jon Powell)
5, SWALLOW (Andrew Wishart)
7, JESTER (Mike Lewis)
8, J’INDYC (Maxime Bensa, Deauville Yacht Club)
9, WILD WALLY (Robert Walters, David Walters and James O’Neill)
10, SEAFIRE (Chris Brown and Neil Morton)

1, JI FI (Stewart Hawthorn)
3, SABRIEL JR (Dirk & Dianne van Beek)
4, J-DREAM (David & Kirsty Apthorp)
5, MAI TAI (David Cule)

1, J’RONIMO (David & Ms Libby Greenhalgh)
2, UPSTART (Robin Stevenson and Jaap Brommersma)
3, JACKDAW (Solent Lost Buoys)
4, MOBY JAY (Martin Pound)
6, WIZARD (John Greenaway)

1, MCFLY (Tony & Sally Mack)
2, JOURNEY MAKER II (Chris Jones and Louise Makin)
3, JELVIS (Martin Dent)
4, TOE IN THE WATER (Brian Thompson)
5, ICARUS (Andrew Christie and Chris Body)
6, JITTERBUG (Cornel Riklin)

1, ADASTRA (Ben Few Brown)
2, ZARA (Glanville)
3, MIRANDA (Anthony Eaton)
4, HALLUF (Guy Mattinson and Jerry Pocock)
5, DRAGONFLY (John Haigh)
6, AMETHYST (Broxham Cotterell Youngman)
7, JADE (Windridge)
8, MIMOSA (Ambler Baines)
9, BLUEBELL (Tilley Smith)
10, SCUTTLE (Fred Few Brown)

Nautor’s Swan Trophy
1, MAVERICK 5 (Dominic Chappell)
2, BEWICK OF COWES (Robin Lucas, Andrew Lax, Richard Heighton and Doug Pennycuic)
3, GLADEYE (Paul Chishick)
4, DESPERADO OF COWES (Richard Loftus)
5, NORTHERN CHILD (Performance Yacht Charter)

Ed Whelan Celebration Trophy
1, ZEPHYR (Steve Cowie and Ian Marshall)
2, PREMIER FLAIR (Jim Macgregor)
4, ADDILYN (Edward Eddy, Issie Cobb, Miranda Simpson, Ned Cobb)
6, HEYDAY (Gillian Clark)
7, LANCELOT II (Matt Williams and Neil Harrison)
8, OUTLAW (Tom Corrigan)
9, ELICIA (John Sparshatt-Worley, Tim Harding and Phil Hildyard)
10, CHIMERA TEAM GBR (John Roberston, Steve Thomas and Simon Rosier)

Quarter Ton
1, AGUILA (Sam Laidlaw)
2, BULLIT (Louise Morton)
3, BLACKFUN (Tony Hayward)
4, COTE (Rob Gray and David Chapman)
5, TIGER (Morty)
6, WHISKERS (Lincoln Redding and Catrina Southworth)
7, PER ELISA (Richard Fleck)
8, MENACE (Luke Yeates)
9, ESPADA (Julian Metherell)
10, PANIC (Jeffrey Dakin)

1, QUAIL (Ed Peel)
2, REDSTART (Bruce Huber)
3, CAPELLA II (Hugo Cuddigan QC and Edward Butler)
4, PAROQUET (Meri Benham, Lucy Benham and Robert Holbrook)
5, HARLEQUIN (Matt Alexander and John Raymond)
6, GOOSE (Lieutenant Colonel Nick Woolgar)
7, SISKIN (Thomas Montagu Douglas Scott)
8, PLOVER (Andrew & Sabrina Eddy)
9, SKUA (Rory Morrison)
10, RED GAUNTLET II (Anne, Joe and Bel Robertson)

RS Elite
1, AEOLUS (Jono Brown)
2, MORE T VICAR (Ossie Stewart)
3, FOUDAFAFA (Mike McIntyre)
4, E’TU (Steve Powell)
6, DUEL (Andy Partington)
7, AURORA (David Hitchcock)
8, NO RIFF RAFF (Mark Pollington)
9, OUTLAW (Tom Corrigan)
10, FREEBIE KNOT (Andrew Archibald)

1, BALOO (Dave Atkinson)
2, EDIGITALRESEARCH (Edward Handasyde Dick, Alec & Clairey Russell and Emily West)
3, HERE COMES BOD (Charles Whelan and Richard McAdam)
4, WHYADUCK (Tom Clay)
5, SPONGE BOB (Syd Mclean)
6, RED KITE (Roger Harford)
7, SAIL NAVY (George Willmot)
8, UBER (Adrian Peach)
9, BUITENHUIS ADVIES (Martijn Buitenhuis)
10, STRIPTEASE (Rebecca Anthony)

1, CHIMERA TEAM GBR (John Roberston, Steve Thomas and Simon Rosier)
2, DOLPHIN (Craig Wood)
3, BERTIE (Alistair Barter)
4, JENNY (Andy Cassell)
5, DISCARD (David Peerless)
6, MISCREANT (Robert Peace)
7, HIBISCUS (Mike O’Neill)
8, WISCONSIN (James Holman)
9, PERISCOPE (Steve Hargreaves)
10, DISCOVERY (Terror Oztralis)

Sportsboat (O/A)
1, JI FI (Stewart Hawthorn)
2, SPIDER PIG (Rob & Lucinda Mclean)
3, ABRACADABRA (Howard and Tom Steavenson)
5, OVINGTON BOATS (Nathan Batchelor)
6, FER DE LANCE (Glyn, Alex and Anthony Locke)
7, SABRIEL JR (Dirk & Dianne van Beek)
8, V1 (Jo Gillespie)
9, SO STEAMY (Nick & Annie Haigh)
10, INO (James Neville)

1, LADY PENELOPE (Malcolm Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
2, BRIMSTONE (Bryan Riley)
3, BACCHANTE VII (Joe Henry)
5, AQUABAT (Iain Jones)
6, SURPRISE (Duncan Grindley)
7, RHAPSODY IN BLUE (Emma Baker and Sam Prime)
8, HELMUT SHOING II (Nigel and Jack Grogan)
9, FIRECRACKER TOO (Andrew Porteous and Jerry Westbrook)
10, PANTHER 3 (Alex Downer & Jon Evans)

1, FIREFLY (Stewart Reed)
2, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
3, MELODY (Commander John Ford)
4, FAY (Richard Pearson)
5, CLARY (Nick Wyatt)
6, BETTY (Becky Wickens)
7, DAINTY (Peter Nicholson and Mike Hollis)

Sunsail Match F40
1, ABERDEEN 1 (Sunsail)
3, OCEANARA (Sunsail)
4, RED FUNNEL 1 (Sunsail)
9, CYBERARK (Sunsail)
10, EDEN YACHTING (Sunsail)

1, ARCHON (Sir Malcolm Green)
2, MARENGO (Hugo Sloper)
3, MIGRANT (Charles Fisher and Richard Thompson)
4, AVOCET (John Houghton)
5, SOLITUDE (Anthony Lunch and Andrew Reid)
6, SPECTRE (Clive Bush)
7, SWIFT (Lisa McDanell Toby Hodge Andy Kennett)
8, KINGFISHER (Graham Barnes, Tim Wood and Michael Barnes)
9, PEREGRINE (Oliver Shaw, Eddie Marks and Laurence Orchard)
10, HARRIER (Lucy Hartley, Charlotte Fitzgerald and Jack Yeoman)

1, ZINNIA (John Scammell)
2, SHEARWATER II (Russell Mead)
3, VARIETY (Janet Dee)
4, ZIVA (Mark and Joanna Dennington and Jim Downing)
5, ZEST (KF and SA Taylor)
6, PEREGRINE (Team Peregrine)
7, ZELIA (Geoff & Sarah Dixon, David Price and Hugh Winter)
8, PELICAN (Hugh Pringle)
9, ZIRCON (Philip Ridgway)
10, SEAGULL (Jim Page)

X One Design
1, LASS (Jeremy Lear, Richard Bullock, John Tremlett and Richard Jord)
2, XL (Rory, Amanda and Stuart Paton)
3, IBEX (Paul Woodman and Oliver James)
4, CATHERINE (Colin McKinnon, Neil Hart and Mark Palmer)
5, GLEAM (J Meaning)
6, MADELEINE (Kim Slater Robert Bedford steve Creasy)
7, XCITATION (Roger Yeoman)
8, FOXGLOVE (Al Ashford)
9, LIGHTWOOD (Michael O’Donnell)
10, ASTRALITA (Michael Martell Fraser Graham Tim Copsey)

The Westmacott Trophy
1, LASS (Jeremy Lear, Richard Bullock, John Tremlett and Richard Jord)
2, ZINNIA (John Scammell)
3, FIREFLY (Stewart Reed)
4, ADASTRA (Ben Few Brown)
5, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
6, SHEARWATER II (Russell Mead)
7, XL (Rory, Amanda and Stuart Paton)
8, VARIETY (Janet Dee)
9, MELODY (Commander John Ford)
10, ZIVA (Mark and Joanna Dennington and Jim Downing)

Under 25 Trophy
1, MARENGO (Hugo Sloper)
2, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
3, SWALLOW (Andrew Wishart)
4, ZIGGY LEGEND (Ben Palmer)
6, PALAVER (James Morson, Sophie Stockton and Rory David)
7, SWIFT (Lisa McDanell Toby Hodge Andy Kennett)
8, MANO (Matt Reid)
9, IDEA (Nick Sutton, Laura Sutton and Hamish Bethany)
10, RHAPSODY IN BLUE (Emma Baker and Sam Prime)

Young Skipper’s Trophy
1, FREDDIE FLINTOFF (Will Heritage)
2, MARENGO (Hugo Sloper)
3, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
4, SWALLOW (Andrew Wishart)
5, ZIGGY LEGEND (Ben Palmer)
6, COBRA (Seb Blair)
7, GIRLSFORSAIL.COM2 (Nikki Henderson and Annie O Sullivan)
8, TWO FRANK (Sam Flint and Olly Love)
10, SPONGE BOB (Syd Mclean)

J/70 short series
1, TEAM RAF BENEVOLENT FUND (Wing Commnader Simon Ling)
3, RULE 1 (John Greenland)
4, HARLEQUIN (J Goodwin & J Calascione)
5, J STAR (Andrew Creighton and James Davies)
6, OFFBEAT (David McLeman)
7, GENESTA (Patrick Seely)
8, JIKA (Mike and Jamie Holmes)
9, JUGADOR (Jack Davies)
10, ROYAL THAMES 1 (Ben Gratton)

1, INSPARA (Tor McLaren and Andrew Horrocks)
2, JUBILEE (Tony Dickin)
3, JUMUNU (Clementi, Sheldon, Stanley and Walker)
4, SARDONYX IX (William Edwards)
5, DIAMOND JEM (Robert Stiles)
6, JOLLY JACK TAR (James Baker)
7, JUDGEMENT DAY (Richard Marsden & Emma Toman)
8, ALICE OF HAMBLE (Anthony Ward)
9, PURE JOY (Christopher Sharples, Richard Acland and Patrick Tolhurst)
10, JYNNAN TONNYX (Jean Lockett and Owain Franks)

SB20 Grand Slam
1, UBER (Adrian Peach)
2, BALOO (Dave Atkinson)
3, 3-SOME (Duncan Pryde)
4, EDIGITALRESEARCH (Edward Handasyde Dick, Alec & Clairey Russell and Emily West)
5, HERE COMES BOD (Charles Whelan and Richard McAdam)
6, OMAN SAIL 01 (Fahad al Hasni)
7, SHARC (Charles Sheppard)
8, WHYADUCK (Tom Clay)
10, BUITENHUIS ADVIES (Martijn Buitenhuis)

Sigma 33
1, SHADOWFAX (David Rolfe)
2, PARTISAN (Dan Lewis)
3, EXCELLE (John Fox and Toby Claridge)
4, STAN THE BOAT (Toby Gorman)
5, WORKOUT (Jeff Worboys)
6, PROSPERO OF HAMBLE (Allan Fraser)
7, EPHESIAN (Stuart Brand and Emma Gage)
8, CHASER (David Cheney)
9, AFRITA (Andrew Laming)
10, POLISHED MANX (Kuba Szymanski)

Sigma 38
1, WITH ALACRITY (Chris & Vanessa Choules and Friends)
2, SAM (Peter Hopps, Hilary Cook and Serena Alexander)
3, QUATRO SOLUTIONS (Andrew Gordon)
4, PAVLOVA III (Max Walker)
6, SIGMANIA (David Linton and Miranda Lindsay-Fynn)
7, SIGMAGICIAN (Mr Michael Harding)
8, RHO (Equinox Sailing)
9, PERSEPHONE (Tim Goodhew)
10, FLORENCE AGNES II (Roger Evans)

Commodores’ Challenge Cup
1, ZEPHYR (Steve Cowie and Ian Marshall)
2, CHIMERA TEAM GBR (John Roberston, Steve Thomas and Simon Rosier)
3, PREMIER FLAIR (Jim Macgregor)
4, ERIVALE III (Michael Greville)
5, LA REPONSE (Andrew McIrvine)
6, ABRACADABRA (Rhys Perkins & Partners)
7, OUTLAW (Tom Corrigan)
8, FFLYING P’S (Peter Pollard and Claire Parkin)
9, ADDILYN (Edward Eddy, Issie Cobb, Miranda Simpson, Ned Cobb)
10, HEYDAY (Gillian Clark)

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