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Czech Polish yacht crew sets new record

Czech-Polish yacht reaches record southern point near Antarctica

Captian Piotr Kuzniar, & his 10 man polish crew onboard the 67 foot yacht Selma, reached the edge of the ice in the Ross Sea, at 78,43.S in the Bay of Whales, just over 100 nautical miles farther south then the previous record.

The previous record was set by the Captain Sergei Nizovtsev, with a crew of Russians and Ukrainians, sailing the 30m sailing yacht ‘Scorpius’ and reaching 77 degrees South in 2012.Czech Polish yacht crew sets new record

There was some discussion regarding this in 2012, depending if you include a dinghy as a yacht. In 1965, Lt. Commander Steve Cockley, based in McMurdo Sound, sailed a Moth in a 30m gap in the sea ice & a latitude of 77.50 South – some 50 miles more than Scorpius – although, obviously he did not sail it to the continent.

Either way, Selma has reached a new record South, Kizniar and his crew are now preparing to climb the ice wall to reach the top of the glacier.

Southernmost position reached: 78°43’926S 163°40’957’W

The sailers reached the 78 degree 43 minute of south latitude in Antarctica´s Ross Sea.

“It is a new world record in sport yachting, whose beating has been confirmed to us by [the expedition Czech member] Dusan Jamny,” Zak said.

The expedition set off for Antarctica from the port of Hobart, the Tasmanian capital, on January 15. It covered over 4000 km before reaching the Ross Sea which is the southernmost part of the Pacific Ocean, separated only by an ice barrier from the open ocean.http://www.selmaexpeditions.com/en/newsy.php

The expedition had to sail along the barrier until it found a rift in it to enable it enter the Ross Sea.

In the past, the Bay of Whales often served a place for expeditions, including Roald Amundsen´s, to depart for Antarctica.

Yachts are prevented from sailing far southwards by the frozen and stormy sea. It is an area where mainly icebreakers operate.

The southernmost latitude a yacht ever reached before was the 77 degree 51 minute.

Jamny is a graduate from the Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland. He owns a firm dealing with oversea freight transport, which also transferred the Brno University´s polar station from the Czech Republic to Antarctica ten years ago.

Jamny is on the board of the Czech Antarctic Polar Fund that was launched recently in support of Antarctic research.


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