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Derwent Sailing Autumn Short-Handed Series ~ Final day overall

Derwent Sailing Autumn Short-Handed Series ~ Final day overall

Derwent Sailing Autumn Short-Handed Series – Countbacks were needed to decide the overall winners in three of the six divisions after Sunday’s fifth and final race.

Instead of the forecast 10 knot breeze on the River Derwent, the race started in a 25 knot northerly, gusting to 29 knots and proving too much for several of the boats sailing with just a crew of two. Quite a number of boats elected not to carry spinnakers.

The final race also saw some ‘guest’ appearances, including Wayne Banks-Smith’s Farr 40 War Games which scored an outright win in division six (spinnaker, three-handed) and Mind Games (Phil Reid) and Ciao Baby III (Rob Gough) in division five (SB20s, two-handed spinnaker).

win by Trouble (Dave Willans) in the final race for division one (two-handed spinnaker) forced a countback with Saga (Chris Sheehan) with Saga taking the honours with a 1-2-2-4-(4) scorecard against Trouble’s 3-3-(5)-2-1. Third overall went to Fish Frenzy (John Wearne).

In division five (SB20s, two-handed spinnaker) the top race five points for the series-entered boats went to Brainwave (Scott Brain) which tied her with Hypertronics (Stephen Catchpool) on six points. However, Brainwave’s series of 2-(4)-2-1-1 gave her first place overall against Hypertronic’s 1-(3)-1-2-2, the two seconds being the decider. Third overall was Karabos (Nick Rogers). Derwent Sailing Autumn Short-Handed Series ~ Final day overall

Wings Three (Peter Haros) took top series points in the last race for division six (three-up, spinnaker) but it was not sufficient to supplant Planet X (Mike Rowley) from first place on the countback. Planet X’s series placings were 4-2-1-1-(5), Wings Three’s 3-1-3-(4or))-1. Pisces (David Taylor) placed third.

Despite placing fourth today in division two (non-spinnaker, two-up), Hydrotherapy (Jim Thorpe) maintained her overall lead two win the series by two points from Silver Mist (Andrew Sutherland), third place going to Ciao Baby II (Gary Cripps) on a countback from last race winner Southern Cross (Bill Batt).

Biggest winning margin in the Autumn Short-handed Series was a 10 pointer by Rotary (Norm Brundle) in division three (two-up, non-spinnaker). Rotary notched up a fine score of 1-4-6-2-1 to comfortably win from Dynamo (Stephen Davidson) and Mon Amie (Phil Conyard).

Elliott one (Rod Chamberlain) also had a comfortable overall victory in division four (spinnaker, two-handed), winning from Elliott six (George Peacock) and Serenity (Graham Hall). Winner of the final race was Footloose (Damon McCarter).

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by Peter Campbell

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