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Dock Skipper – List & Rent Private Docks, Peer-To-Peer Dock Sharing

Dock Skipper – List & Rent Private Docks, Peer-To-Peer Dock Sharing

Are you getting ready to pick up and move?  Or planning a big trip down the Intracoastal Waterway into unchartered territory?  One of the most daunting tasks on your list might be finding safe and secure dockage for your most prized possession.  This may be getting much easier thanks to Dock Skipper, a new tech start-up based out of Florida.

They’re goal is simple: connecting private dock owners with boaters looking for short or long term dockage or storage. The peer-to-peer sharing industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year with the roads previously paved by the likes of AirBNB; however, there was a big industry missing: boat dockage”, said founder Cabe Nolan.

AirBNB, as Cabe mentioned, is a hugely popular site based on the same concept as Dock Skipper but for private homes.

For people not familiar with these peer-to-peer platforms, the process is very simple.  Dock owners with property available to rent can create their free listing on DockSkipper.com.  There are no upfront fees for the host and the process of posting your listing is very simple, taking under ten minutes.  Once the listing goes live, boaters can search through available listings, pictures & reviews to find the perfect listing in their targeted area.  A booking request is sent to the host with the requested dates, information on the boat, and any other requirements of the guests.  If the host accepts, secure payment is taken upfront by Dock Skipper to lock-in the reservation. Dock Skipper – List & Rent Private Docks, Peer-To-Peer Dock Sharing The guest arrives at the property on the arrival date and shortly after the listing host gets paid by Dock Skipper.

The overall platform is very user friendly and follows a relatively simple process.   Listing hosts always have the ability to set their own rates and a calendar can be kept for the listing to block out dates where the owner may be using the dock for themselves.  Cabe notes that the listing host always has the final say in which reservations are accepted.  If a guest requests to book your listing on dates where you may be using the dock, or you just prefer nobody to be at your residence, you always have the ability to decline the booking.

When asked of future goals for the new platform, Cabe had two words, “ Go Global”.  “We came into this wanting to better the boating community as a whole.  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time travelling and exploring by boat and there is a huge camaraderie between these like-minded people”, said Cabe.  “We want to expand on that, give people more ways to connect, share stories, share experiences, and share their docks, moorings, and storage.  It’s all going to be part of the experience and we want to do it on a global scale.”

We’re extremely excited to be the first pioneers into this new territory of peer-to-peer dock sharing.  We think it has huge potential, not only to help assist boaters but also homeowners.  “We’re giving homeowners the ability to subsidize their mortgage payments and make that water-front residence that may have previously been unaffordable, affordable”, said Cabe.

Dock Skipper can be found online at dockskipper.com and through Facebook at facebook.com.  Any questions regarding the platform can be sent to hi@dockskipper.com.

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