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XTC-ZTC Double-Pass RO Water Purification System

Dometic to launch XTC-ZTC Double-Pass Watermaker at IBEX

Reverse-osmosis system can purify every source of yacht water including seawater, brackish water, lake water, river water or dockside water

Dometic Marine will showcase its new XTC-ZTC Double-Pass Watermaker at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) from September 15th to 17th in Louisville, Kentucky.

The XTC-ZTC is the first and only fully automatic, integrated double-pass reverse-osmosis system that can purify every source of yacht water, including seawater, brackish water, lake water, river water or dockside water. It is also the first watermaker with mechanical override for full redundancy and peace of mind.

The XTC-ZTC can be operated and monitored remotely, via smartphone, tablet or computer, via the Dometic’s Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control software.

The first pass is through the XTC side of the system, which makes potable freshwater from seawater and feeds it to the ZTC system. The second pass is through the ZTC system, which further purifies the freshwater by removing 95-99% of total dissolved solids. The ultra-purified water is then sent to the vessel’s storage tank. If at port, boat owners can also use the ZTC system to purify dockside water before bringing it onboard.

“With the double-pass watermaker, boat owners can enjoy ultra-pure fresh water for drinking, ice-making, cooking and bathing – whether they are out on the ocean or in a marina,” said Paul Hickinbotham, Director EMEA – Sales and Administrations & Commercial Division, Dometic.

“There’s no need to bring bottled water onboard—so you can eliminate that expense and the plastic waste it generates. The XTC-ZTC is ideal for spot-free cleaning of boat interiors, as well as external washdowns, with no need to chamois.”

XTC-ZTC Double-Pass RO Water Purification SystemThe ZTC freshwater reverse-osmosis system eliminates 95-99% of all impurities, including hard-water minerals, heavy metals, particles, viruses, cysts, bacteria and radioactive contaminants, to create fresh, clean drinking water. The system removes dissolved solids which leave water spots and are destructive to marine paints, coatings, hardware and other yacht finishes. The pure, softened water means boat finishes last much longer, saving boat owners thousands of dollars.

Dometic Marine, a division of the Dometic Group, is the world’s largest supplier of innovative and technologically advanced comfort systems and equipment for yachts and pleasure boats and a major supplier of HVAC, engine room ventilation, watermakers, and toilet systems to the commercial, workboat and military markets.

A specialist supplier to OEM, refit and repair and aftermarkets, Dometic Marine has an unmatched support network of company-owned offices located in 12 strategic regions across the globe supported by numerous marine R&D facilities and factories. The products are further supported in the field by factory-authorized distributors, dealers and service engineers offering a global presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Leisure boats from 20 feet to mega-yachts are users of the company’s premium brands which include Condaria, Cruisair®, Dometic, Marine Air Systems®, SeaLand® and WAECO. Their extensive product range includes marine air conditioning, ship-wide ventilation systems, watermakers, sanitation systems, refrigerators, stoves, battery chargers and other equipment for the leisure market.

Dometic’s commercial HVAC and engine room ventilation systems can be fitted to the broadest range of commercial vessels and conform to NMMA and ASHRAE standards; the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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by Cathy McLean

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