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Edmond de Rothschild Spring Regatta
Edmond de Rothschild Spring Regatta 2015

Edmond de Rothschild Spring Regatta

With 0-3kts of breeze varying from 070 to 220 degrees, Race Officer Simon Boyde was faced with some difficulties in providing a good day’s racing for the 95 boats entered in the Edmond de Rothschild Spring Regatta.

As the published warning signal approached, the breeze settled predominantly into an 8 to 10kt westerly, however a storm cell over Macau was making every effort to suck the wind out of Hong Kong.

Given the wind direction, the choice of courses was limited, so Boyde elected to send everyone on Course 72, requiring boats to pass through the ‘Club line’ as a gate and affording the maximum opportunity to shorten course, should the need arise.

As the storm approached Hong Kong from the east, thEdmond de Rothschild Spring Regattae breeze stalled to less than 5kts, but in spite of the unruffled harbour surface, the boats managed to keep moving. Taking pity on the Ruffian, Pandora and Dragon fleets, Boyde shortened their course after one lap, allowing them to reach the pontoon before the rain hit.


The other fleets were not so fortunate; being kept on the water for another lap before being finished on their second pass through the gate however the upside was the 10kt breeze that accompanied the rain.

The Edmond de Rothschild Spring Regatta culminates tomorrow with two races. With the trough of low pressure over Guangdong persisting, the weather promises more of the same for competitors.

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by Cathy McLean

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