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Episode 10 Team Vestas Wind ~ All Hands on Deck

As Team Vestas Wind seeks to re-join the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race following the grounding of their VO 65 on November 29, the team has launched a web series to provide updates on their progress.

In the video above (Part 1), there’s just over one week before the start of Leg 8, and Team Vestas Wind and their Volvo Ocean 65 have arrived in the Lisbon race village ahead of schedule.Team Vestas Wind: All Hands on Deck, Episode 10 Final preparations, including the reassembly of the keel and rig, are now underway on land as the Team prepares to return to the water for the first time ahead of the weekend of racing (4th-7th June).

Part 2 coming soon.Team Vestas Wind: All Hands on Deck, Episode 10

The plan for the team is to return to the race by the Lisbon stopover in late May/early June to sail the final two legs. The fleet is scheduled to start the eighth leg from Portugal to Lorient, France, on June 6.

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