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Figaro Beneteau 3 © Beneteau
Figaro Beneteau 3 © Beneteau

Figaro Beneteau 3

The main stages of the Figaro 3 project have followed one another since spring 2016.

First, Beneteau chose VPLP naval architects to design the new one design with foils. Then, the production site at Cheviré was restored to house this ambitious project. Then, no more than a year ago, the first 3D visuals were revealed at the Nautic Boat Show in Paris. Finally, as planned, the prototype was launched in summer 2017. Then followed a series of tests to give it the seal of approval. The feedback was unanimous. This one design with foils is everything the future champions of offshore racing could want.

The boatyard recently decided to sell this new Beneteau Figaro Class boat at an affordable price, in line with skippers’ expectation. It has kept its promise! The first Beneteau Figaro 3 yachts, reserved for Figaro class members, will be sold at the price of €155,000 excluding VAT. Following this, the boat will be sold at €175,000 excluding VAT. This corresponds to the launch price of the FB2, taking inflation into account since 2003, when it was first produced.

The first fifty Figaro 3 yachts will be delivered early in 2019. A drawing of lots will take place at the Nautic boat show in Paris in 2018 to determine the hull numbers. The order of the draw will decide the order of delivery.

Once again, Beneteau proves that innovation and affordability are everything but opposites!

*Excluding sails, electronics and safety equipment.

by Beneteau

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