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How to Find Awesome Cruise Deals

Cruise trip prices are by no means set in stone and how much you pay will depend on a range of factors. By following the steps in this short guide, you can reduce the time spent in front of a computer screen and be sure to find a great deal for your next cruise!

Step 1: Use this awesome price comparison tool:

Step 2: Open Up a “Private” Browser:

When making cruise reservations online, your goal should be to do it from a protected browser that doesn’t allow the booking site to track you. Cruise reservation websites, or all websites for that matter, use “cookies” to track visitors.

This allows them to keep track of unique visitors to the site. By constantly “clearing” your cookies (which can easily be done from the home screen of your browser), or by using an “incognito” browser, you’ll ensure that the travel website doesn’t overcharge you for the room.How to Find Awesome Cruise Deals

Step 3: Compare Prices on Multiple Travel Sites

Here are the popular ones to use:

Direct Line Cruises

Some of these websites will actually do the comparisons for you, which saves a lot of time. Make sure that you’re comparing the prices while in your “private” browser. Although rare, you might be able to find better deals on the actual cruise line website. Most of the websites we mentioned above are covered when using the tool mentioned in “Step 1″ of this guide.

Step 4: Last-Minute Deals

If you sign up for alerts from cruisecritic.com, you’ll be sent immediate alerts when a cruise becomes available for a discount. This is far easier than having to check on the cruise liner’s website each day to see if It’s dropped in price. Cruise critic’s tool is easy to use, reliable, and will save you dozens of hours by not having to search for last-minute deals on your own. Combined with the other steps on this list, there’s no reason why you can’t save at least 10% on your next cruise trip.

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