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International Moth Europeans - First day cancelled

International Moth Europeans – First day cancelled

The first racing day of the International Moth Europeans taking place in Bataviahaven in Lelystad, Holland, was a none event due to the strong wind and rough sea conditions.

Hopefully Thursday will see better sailing conditions. As usual in this situation a number of participants decided to go on the water at least for a training session. A total of 74 participants from 16 different countries are entered and the the event lasts until Sunday 30 August.

1 CRO Luka Dogan
2 FIN Janne Uusi-Autti
3 FRA Fabrice Rigot
4 FRA Yann Andrillon
5 GBR Dylan Fletcher
6 GBR Robert Greenhalgh
7 GER Gerold Pauler
8  ARG Franco Greggi
9  AUS Michael Schönleitner
10  AUT Hirsch Markus
11  AUT Maximilian Stelzl
12  BEL Giovanni Galeotti
13  DEN Ole Frey
14  DEN Hans Rasmussen
15  FRA Benoit Marie
16  FRA Frédéric Poizivara
17  FRA Anthony Rezzoug
18  GBR Alex Adams
19  GBR Nathan Bailey
20  GBR Neil Baker
21  GBR Jason Belben
22  GBR Paton Ben
23  GBR Chris Clarke
24  GBR Dan Ellis
25  GBR Andrew Friend
26  GBR Paul Goodison
27  GBR Ross Harvey
28  GBR Daniel Henderson
29  GBR David Hivey
30  GBR Chris Jeeves
31  GBR Alex Koukourakis
32  GBR Matthew Lea
33  GBR Steve McLean
34  GBR Jim McMillan
35  GBR Lennon Michael
36  GBR James Phare
37  GBR Robert Pike
38  GBR Doug Pybus
39  GBR Chris Rashley
40  GBR Guy Raynes
41  GBR Graham Simmonds
42  GBR David Simmons
43  GBR David Smithwhite
44  GBR Bruce Spratt
45  GBR Kyle Stoneham
46  GBR Nic Streadfeild
47  GBR Dan Ward
48  GER Stefan Gieser
49  GER Werner Gieser
50  GER Andreas John
51  GER Sven Kloppenburg
52  GER Maximilian Mäge
53  GER Carlo Meage
54  GER Mathis Menke
55  GER Aaron Merlin Moser
56  GER Toni Schmatz
57  GER Burkhard Staabs
58  ITA Carlo di Paoli
59  ITA Marco Lanulfi
60  ITA Michele Trimarchi
61  NED Menno Berens
62  NED Eelco Boers
63  NED Kalle Coster
64  NED Sven Coster
65  NED Harmen Donker
66  NED Ben Koppelaar
67  NED Constantijn Weber
68  PRT Fernando Belo
69  SUI Henri Baudet
70  SUI David Holenweg
71  SUI Philip Kaesermann
72  SUI Adriano Petrino
73  SUI Philippe Schiller
74  SWE Stefan Järudd

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