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2015 Jules Verne Trophy - Climbing up along the coast of Brazil
A live video link for the weekend show on i-Télé; with the drone in split-screen on Friday night at the heart of the ridge of high pressure off Uruguay, a first!© Yann Riou / Spindrift racing

Jules Verne Trophy

 Jules Verne Trophy 2015- Since rounding Cape Horn last Tuesday, winter has given way to spring and summer. Now, the temperature is almost tropical on board the trimaran, Spindrift 2, which is advancing along the coast up Brazil towards the Equator.

On deck, the thermometer is showing around 25?. Physically, they also have to adapt to these rapid changes and the shower the crew took yesterday under the first Brazilian squall felt good. However, the sailing conditions have been less pleasant lately. After crossing a ridge of high pressure at reduced speed, the crew was able to exploit a stormy depression which, of course, brought some wind and speed, but also a sea of two to four metres, transforming the living area of the trimaran into a huge cocktail shaker.

Overall, the slowdown at the end of the week has cost them slightly, leaving a current deficit of 215 miles on Banque Populaire V. On the map, their trajectories are different. The black and gold trimaran is taking a route closer to the Brazilian coast on the edge of the anticyclone, which is spreading itself widely across the South Atlantic, where, at the same moment four years ago, the holder of the record was sailing 670 miles offshore. Ahead of their bows, a long fast port tack is beginning now for Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard’s team, towards the south-east trade winds that will serve as the final lift back into the Northern hemisphere.

Day 35 – 17h00 GMT

• 234.41 nm behind the current record holder
• Distance covered from the start: 21,589.9 nm
• Average speed over 24 hours: 17.1 knots
• Distance over 24 hours: 409.8 nm

by Spindrift Racing

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