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Jules Verne Trophy - Around the Azores High in the futile record chase
Spindrift 2© Yann Riou / Spindrift racing

Jules Verne Trophy

Jules Verne Trophy – The Spindrift 2 crew have been forced to sail around the Azores High, which began as a barrier in front of the trimaran’s bow, but now stretches further north, forcing the team to wait patiently in areas with little wind.

Averaging less than 10 knots at midday, Spindrift 2 upped the pace to 24 knots by late afternoon, with a bearing closer to north north-east. Taking the Jules Verne Trophy is no longer possible, but the challenge is not over for the crew, who will enter the North Atlantic low tomorrow (Tuesday). Strong winds, a bumpy ocean and plummeting temperatures will make this final week feel like the oceans of the south. In fact, the conditions will be tougher than on many of the days they spent sailing around Antarctica.

Day 44 – 16h30 GMT

• 827 nm behind the current record holder
• Distance covered from the start: 26,126 nm
• Average speed over 24 hours: 15 knots
• Distance over 24 hours: 359 nm

by Spindrift Racing

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