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Jules Verne Trophy - Cape Horn ahead
The smile of Jacques Guichard reflects the mood on the boat, despite this area of weak winds.© Yann Riou / Spindrift racing

Jules Verne Trophy – Cape Horn

Jules Verne Trophy – On this 27th day of the record attempt, the need for speed has been profound. The anticyclone has taken its calms to the south of the South Pacific, upsetting the usual pattern of depressions. It is a winding road for Spindrift 2, whose crew is working hard, with the perseverance of onshore racers, to get out of the clutches of this pocket of weak wind and back on their way.

This has proved to be an exhausting stretch for the sailors, who have needed to constantly manoeuvre to exploit the slightest breath of a very unstable wind. There are still a few hours until they get out of this calm patch, but then the trimaran should find a south-westerly wind of 15-20 knots, enabling them to quickly reach Cape Horn, which Spindrift 2 should round early next week.

On the dashboard tonight, the meter is showing 300 miles behind Banque Populaire V, but these fluctuations are common and with the ascent of the north face of the Pacific the return to a positive position is coming soon.

Day 27 – 16h00 GMT

• 300.66 nm behind the current record holder Banque Populaire V
• Distance covered from the start: 17,287 nm
• Average speed over 24 hours: 9.4 knots
• Distance over 24 hours: 224.9 nm

by Spindrift Racing

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