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Kaenon Sailing Sunglasses

Kaenon Sailing Sunglasses

Kaenon Sailing Sunglasses

Our conviction to never compromise isn’t just a way of thinking; it defines our way of living. From amateur sailing to sailing on the world’s stage, sailors rely on the Kaenon polarized SR-91® lens to give them the edge. The best-in-class polarized SR-91 lens lets you read the breeze on the water so you can put wind in your sail. SR-91 lenses also give you the protection you need out on the water, blocking glare and harsh UV rays. And with hydrophobic coatings and impact resistance, the SR-91 lens will fend off anything that literally gets thrown at it. Performance, protection and vision – Kaenon believes you shouldn’t compromise one for another.

Kaenon LENS TECHNOLOGYKaenon Sailing Sunglasses

Glass wasn’t strong enough. Polycarbonate wasn’t clear enough. Neither material allowed for adequate customization of tints and Light Transmission Levels (LTL®). So we set out to develop our own, completely new lens material.

Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91® lens is the only lens material that offers 100% broad spectrum UV protection and combines the superior optical quality of the finest glass and the lightweight, strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate. All of the best properties. No compromises. No short-cuts.

Composition of an SR-91 Kaenon Lens

Every Kaenon lens is created with our exclusive multi-layered treatment system to further enhance your unparalleled visual experience. While others might up-charge for these benefits, with every Kaenon lens option, the very best is our standard:

  • Hydrophobic Coating: Designed to shed water and snow from the surface of the lens. This prevents water spots from distorting your vision, and allowsKaenon Sailing Sunglasses for easier lens cleaning
  • Anti-Scratch Hard Coating: This hard-coat layer is designed to further protect the lens from abuse and scratching
  • Glare 86® Polarizing Element: Our polarized SR-91 lens contains a proprietary film called Glare 86 designed to interact flawlessly with SR-91 for razor-sharp clarity and distortion free polarized optics
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Absorbs light and prevents it from bouncing off the back of the lens into your eye, eliminating distracting bounce-back reflections
  • Flash Mirror Coating:* Designed and applied to provide cosmetic enhancement


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