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2015 Kieler Woche – Day 3 overall
EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup in Kiel

Kieler Woche 2015 – Day 3 overall

After three days of racing, the race directors of the Olympic classes can relax a little at the Kieler Woche. Although the weather forecast in the past days was not very promising, almost all races were sailed.

On Monday, they organisers were forced ta make quick decisions since local weather systems affected the wind on the race courses in the afternoon. But since then, the major part of the program had already been sailed.

‘Our concept worked’, the head of organisation Dirk Ramhorst was happy about the good timing of the starts on the different days. Only the 2.4 boats suffered from the conditions after just one race on Monday. They were scheduled to race on the TV course after the skiffs, but were overtaken by the calm. So Heiko Kroeger (Ammersbek) could only gain one point aiming for his eighth Kieler Woche victory, chasing the leading Norwegian Bjoernar Erikstad. So Kroeger remains on rank two.

The 49ers did sail the most intensive program, being sent onto the race course even four times, since they were one race short. The finish of the last race was a bit strange. After the wind had stopped in the meantime, it then did push the crews very slowly across the finish line. Erik Heil/Thomas Ploessel were the first across the finish line, followed by four teams who ended up in a dead race and were rated collectively. It was another successful day for Justus Schmidt/Max Boehme (Kiel), who were part of the finishing quartet. They permanently sailed in the top group and could increase their lead over their training partners Heil/Ploessel. But they deny the idea of taking over the position of the European Champions Heil/Ploessel: „Eric and Tommy are still superior and can sail at the top of a high-level fleet. We are glad to have been able to take root in the training community’, said Schmidt. The young team from Kiel did already get good individual results several times in the past. „Now our performance is more consistent. The speed is alright, and that’s the key’, stated Boehme.

In the women’s skiff, the German sailors are jauntily changing positions. Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz are now in rank two behind the leading mixed duo Annemiek Bekkering/Daniel Bramervaer, with the twins Jule and Lotta Goerge and Leonie Meyer/Eena Stoffers (all from Kiel) on rank three and four. Meyer/Stoffers, who already were in a podium position the days before, took it calmly: ‘We did try the coloured jerseys for the podium placements and decided to sail without one today’, said Meyer.

Paul Kohlhoff/Carolina Werner in the mixed catamaran Nacra17 can now look forward to their first Kieler Woche victory after winning seven out of nine races. With 27 points, it is hardly impossible to push them from the leading position in the next two days.

Paul’s brother Max Kohlhoff is also doing well at the Kieler Woche. After a slow start, he is now making his way up in the Finn fleet. Finishing second twice and winning one race in the last two days, he is now on rank five. ‘This is my first time at the Kieler Woche, where things are going really well’, the sailor form Kiel is pleased. Deniss Karpak (Estonia) is still on rank one. The best German sailor of the fleet is Phillip Kasueske (Berlin) on rank four.

Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg) is still on his way to victory in the Laser. With the big fleet being divided into the Gold and Silver Fleet, the 30-year old did finish two races in top positions (rank two and rank one). The European Champion Svenja Weger (Kiel) will not be able to reach the top position in the women’s Laser anymore. But in the tenth position, she is still aiming for the Medal Race. But no competitor can keep up with the Croatian Tina Mihelic.2015 Kieler Woche – Day 3 overall

In the men’s 470, the Croatians are also dominating the fleet. Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic demonstrate, that their victory at the World Championship in 2009 was no accident and they are well able to top their placement at the Olympics 2012, where they were on rank four.

Lara Vadlau/Jolanta Ogar (Austria) did demonstrate a faultless series in the small 470 women’s fleet. After six races, they can even discard a victory. ‘Thank God, we are in the fleet of the men. That’s challenging for us“, explained helmswoman Vadlua. After suffering from a cruciate ligament rupture due to a skiing accident, she just came back to sailing and is still working on getting back in shape. She is happy to participate at the Kieler Woche: ‘A cool event, you meet a lot of people – even if there are not many sailors starting in our class.“

Results Kieler Woche – Part one, day three

2.4mR (open): (7) 1. Bjørnar Erikstad (NOR,(5)5/2/1/1/1/4) Points 14; 2. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,2/1/3/6/2(8)3)17; 3. Kevin Cantin (FRA,3/3/7/7/4/2(10))26; 4. Henrik Johnsson (SWE,1(11)5/9/3/7/5)30; 5. Ulli Libor (Frei-Laubersheim,9(19)4/3/8/5/7)36; 6. Michael Leydon (AUS,8/2/1/10/5/12(14))38;

49er: (9) 1. Justus Schmidt / Max Boehme (Kiel,3/1/2/1/3/1/5(15)3.5) Points 19.5; 2. Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (Kiel,5/6/8(20)1/2/15/5/1)43; 3. Jonas Warrer / Anders Thomsen (DEN,1/8/1/11(14)4/1/11/13)50; 4. Benjamin Bildstein / David Hussl (AUT,7/4/10/4/2/9/12/3(20))51; 5. Dominik Buksak / Grzegorz Goździk (POL,2/2/6/14/16(17)4/8/10)62; 6. Kalinchev Pavel (RUS,12/3/12/3/23/3/2/4(28))62;

49er FX: (9) 1. Annemieke Bekkering / Daniel Bramervaer (NED,(3)1/1/1/1/3/1/2/1) Points 11; 2. Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz (Berlin,2(5)5/2/2/4/4/1/2)22; 3. Jule Görge / Lotta Görge (Kiel,1/3/3(5)3/2/2/5/4)23; 4. Leonie Meyer / Elena Stoffers (Hamburg,4/2/2/3/4/1/3/4(5))23; 5. Varsha Gautham / Aishwarya Chezhiyan (IND,8/6(9)8/6/8/7/3/3)49; 6. Cecile Janmaat / Charlotte Heijstek (NED,5(9)6/4/8/5/5/7/9)49;

Nacra 17: (9) 1. Paul Kohlhoff / Carolina Werner (Strande,1/1/1/2/1/1/1/1/(5)) Points 9; 2. Francesco Porro / Laura Marimon Giovannetti (ITA,(17)6/5/1/2/7/9/4/2)36; 3. Francesco Sabatini / Marcella Mamusa (ITA,(17)2/3/8/7/2/3/9/6)40; 4. Nahuel Martinez / Eugenia Bosco (ARG,(17)7/10/5/3/5/7/3/1)41; 5. Maxim Semenov / Alina Shchetinkina (RUS,(17)4/2/3/5/4/5/5/13)41; 6. John Casey / Kristen Lane (USA,4/3/8/7/(9)3/2/7/9)43;

Finn: (6) 1. Deniss Karpak (EST,1/2/1(6)2) Points 6; 2. Stig Steinfurth (DEN,3/1(15)1/8)13; 3. Mads Bendix (DEN,5/4(10)3/6)18; 4. Phillip Kasüske (Kiel,2/6/4(12)9)21; 5. Piotr Kula (POL,(9)8/7/7/1)23; 6. Anders Pedersen (NOR,6/4/13/4(30))27;

470 M: (6) 1. Sime Fantela / Igor Marenic (CRO,1/1/2(5)3/1) Points 8; 2. Deniz Cinar / Ates Cinar (TUR,5/6(8)2/1/2)16; 3. Asenathi Jim / Roger Hudson (RSA,(6)2/4/1/6/3)16; 4. Mikhail Sheremetev / Maksim Sheremetev (RUS,2/4/6(15)2/7)21; 5. Panagiotis Kampouridis (GRE,4/3/5(23)4/5)21; 6. David Bargehr / Lukas Mähr (AUT,3/5/1/8/5(10))22;

470 W: (6) 1. Lara Vadlau / Jolanta Ogar (AUT,(1)1/1/1/1/1) Points 5; 2. Antonina Marciniak / Karolina Soltaniuk (POL,3/3/2/2(4)2)12; 3. Dimitra Pagida / Sofia Papadopoulou (GRE,2/2(7)4/6/4)18; 4. Muriel-Natalie Schröder / Fanny Popken (Potsdam,4(5)3/5/2/5)19; 5. Lena Stückl / Lorena Abicht (Tutzing,(7)5/4/6/3/3)21; 6. Domenique Freund / Annabell Prockat (Berlin,5(6)5/3/5/6)24;

Laser Standard: (6) 1. Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg,1/1(3)1/2/1) Points 6; 2. Michael Hansen (DEN,2/2/3/3(14)2)12; 3. Rui Silveirä (POR,6/2/3/1/1(14))13; 4. Mattis Naud (FRA,3/3(6)4/4/3)17; 5. Tadeusz Kubiak (POL,4/1/5/5/3(12))18; 6. Christoph Bottoni (Bremerhaven,2/7/4/3(27)19)35;

Laser Radial: (6) 1. Tina Mihelic (CRO,1/1/1(11)1/3) Points 7; 2. Erika Reineke (USA,5/1/3/3/6(21))18; 3. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR,7/2/5(8)8/2)24; 4. Viktorija Andrulyte (LTU,1/11/2/9/2(28))25; 5. Elizabeth Yin (SIN,6/4/2/8(9)6)26; 6. Tiril Hartvedt Bue (NOR,3/5/3/4/14(20))29;

Farr 30: (3) 1. Dr. Harald Brüning (Kiel,1/1/2) Points 4; 2. Max Augustin / Julian Stückl, Bjoern Sievers, Dorian Heitzig, Ole Augustin, Fabian Damm (Kiel,3/2/1)6; 3. Jan Duken / Hannes Renzsch (Hamburg,4/3/4)11; 4. John Victorin / Heike Gercken, Sven Zscherper, Sebastian Greshake, Lennart Hieke, Steffi Katschke, Robert Pastoors (Warnemünde,2/5/5)12; 5. Claudia Bernstein (Greifswald,5/4/3)12; 6. Matthias Linden (Hannover,6/6/6)18;

Melges 24: (6) 1. Kim Christensen / Peter Jakobsen, Jamie Lea, Henriette Frislev, Celine Carlsen (DEN,1/1/2/1/1(5)) Points 6; 2. Martin Trcka / Michal Kotek, Michaela Zarubova, Jan Skoda, Petr Fiala (CZE,2(3)1/2/3/3)11; 3. Kicker Schäfer / Eddy Eich, Walter Rothlauf, Oliver Oczyc, Adrian Hoesch (München,5/2/4/5/2(12))18; 4. Marc Wain Pedersen / Simon Østergaard, Brun Bojland, Claes Bohn-willeberg (DEN,4/4/3/4/5(6))20; 5. Peter Warrer / Michael Risør, Kasper Sohn, Jakob Ege Friis, Lea Høy (DEN,3/5/6(7)7/2)23; 6. Peter Havn / Kristian Schaldemose, Josefine Boel Rasmussen, Søren Andersen (DEN,6/6/5/3/6(10))26;

J/70: (6) 1. Hugo Rocha / Alexey Semenov, Fran Palacios, Ruben Castells (ESP,3/4/2/1(6)4) Points 14; 2. Hubert Merkelbach / Jörg Munck, Jonathan Koch, Max Kurfürst (Ueberlingen,1/1/4/4(13)9)19; 3. Claas Lehmann / Marc-daniel Mählmann, Björn Athmer, Tom Stryi (Hamburg,2/10/11/3(19)5)31; 4. Oscar Lundqvist / Jacob Lundqvist, Frederik Wahlberg, Christian Harding (SWE,5/2/1/7/17(18))32; 5. Philipp Kadelbach / Hendrik Kadelbach, Yannick Wloch, Henry De Bokay (Berlin,6/7(14)10/2/8)33; 6. Philipp Bruhns / Valentin Gebhardt, Max Wohlfeil, Moritz Bruhns (Berlin,8/8(12)9/5/3)33;

J/80: (6) 1. Martin Menzner / Frank Lichte, Mika Rolfs, Carsten Hopp (Stein,2(3)1/2/1/2) Points 8; 2. Björn Beilken / Jork Homeyer, Tobias Teichmann, Alexander Beilken (Berne,1/2/2/4/2(5))11; 3. Sven Vagt / Tjark Schwebe, Mathes Schwebe, Hendrik Conradi (Hamburg,4/1/5/1(7)1)12; 4. Sören Hadeler / Peer Schickedanz, Simon Bodermann, Henning Buchmann (Bremen,3/4/7/3/6(25))23; 5. Martin Christiansen / Henrike Rolf, Tesch Ullrich, Hengstmann Andreas (Seevetal,8/5/3/7/4(14))27; 6. Hauke Krüss / Ole Sartori, Felix Koester, Jens Tschentscher, Luca Sartori (Hemelingen,5(14)4/5/10/6)30;

Albin Express: (6) 1. Arne K Larssen / Nils Albrecht, Steffen Mühlenkamp, Merle Risy, Sebastian Hantke (SWE,1/1/1/4/1(10)) Points 8; 2. Morten Arndal / Dennis Petersen, Anette B. Hansen, Martin Dyxenburg, Brian Xxx (SEN,2/2(3)2/2/2)10; 3. Andreas Pinnow / Nora Weger, Andreas Körnig, Johann Tamme, Jan Heinicke (Kiel,(6)3/2/3/5/5)18; 4. Martin Görge / Rasmus Görge, Julius Köhnlein, Claus Köhnlein (Kiel,5(7)5/7/3/1)21; 5. Kim Lago Nørgaard / Magnus Brønd, Jesper Misfeldt, John Jørgensen, Ulrik Staalros (DEN,4/4/12/1/4(13))25; 6. Jan Brink / Jörg Rüterhenke, Jan Günther, Lasse Waltje (Flensburg,3/5/4(8)7/8)27;

12mR: (5) 1. „Anitra“ Josef Martin (Flensburg,2/1/3/4/1) Points 11; 2. „Sphinx“ Gorm Gondesen (Flensburg,4/2/2/3/3)14; 3. „Vim“ Patrick Howaldt (Kiel,3/9/1/1/6)20; 4. „Blue Marlin“ Christopher Winter (FIN,1/4/9/2/4)20; 5. „Vanity V“Bjørn Westergaard (DEN, 5/3/5/5/2)20; 6. „Trivia“ Wilfried Beeck (Kiel,6/5/4/6/5)26;

Race calendar of the Kieler Woche 2015 (20. to 28. June)
Olympic part, EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup: 20. to 24. June:

Charly: 470 M+W, Finn M
Echo: Laser Std. M, Laser Rad. W
Golf: 2.4mR (open), Sonar (open)
Hotel: 49er M
Juliett: Nacra 17 Mix, 49erFX W

International part (25. to 28. June)
Charlie: 505, FD
Echo: 420
Foxtrott: J/24, Folkboat, H-boat
Golf: Musto Performance Skiff, RS 800
Hotel: 29er
India: Contender, OK dinghy
Juliett: Europe, Laser Radial (open), Laser 4.7
Kilo: Formula 18, Hobie 16, A-Cat

Offshore courses (20. to 27. June):
20. – 21. June: Welcome Race (ORC Club I-IV, Albin Ballad, Multihull)
20. – 23. June: Kiel Cup Foxtrott (Melges 24, J/70, J/80, Albin Express, SB 20, Platu 25)
22. to 24. June: Kiel-Cup Alpha (ORC Int. I-IV)
25.- 26. June: ‘Silbernes Band’ (ORC Club I-IV)
27. June: ‘Senatspreis’ (ORC Club I-IV)

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