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2015 Kieler Woche – Day 5

Kieler Woche 2015 – Day 5 overall

Kieler Woche 2015– The Germans played their trump cards. At the end of the races for the Olympic and Paralympic classes, the German top teams did defend their top positions.

It was not just the Nacra17 team Paul Kohlhoff/Carolina Werner (Kiel) stepping onto the podium with their clear victory, but also Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg) in the Laser and Justus Schmidt/Max Boehme (Kiel) in the 49er winning the Kieler Woche. With a strong last run, Heiko Kroeger (Ammersbek) could also win again in the 2.4mR. He now has won the Kieler Woche eight times. In total, the team of the German Sailors Association DSV did win four times gold, twice silver and once bronze.

Kohlhoff/Werner only had to show up for their Medal Race. Their lead on the second-placed team was too large to have been pushed off rank one anymore. But the duo did not have in mind ‘just to participate’. They did confidently win another time and did cheer about their first Kieler Woche triumph. „This week was just brilliant. We were indeed happy to be sailing in Kiel again’, said Carolina Werner, while helmsman Kohlhoff was quarelling a bit with the bumpy manoeuvres.

But Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg) had to fight in the Medal Race. In a direct duel with Michael Hansen from Denmark, he did screw up the first upwind, but then got back on the course and finally could decide the race for him.

‘I did not find my rhythm for the wind shifts on the first upwind. On the second, I just relied on my senses, since I know the territory inside and out. That worked well then. The week was the perfect preparation for the Worlds in Canada, where I’ll be flying to tomorrow’, said Schadewaldt, who had worked on his perfect condition and strength at the Lake Garda with sailing star Robert Scheidt for ten days before coming to Kiel. 2015 Kieler Woche – Day 5

The 49er crews delivered a big finishing show for the audience. The leading team Justus Schmidt/Max Boehme had enjoyed the party with friends and supporters on the evening before, but for the final, it was a serious game again, which was dominated by extreme wind shifts, which turned the fleet upside down again and again. In the live ranking of the Kieler Woche TV, the sailors from Kiel had even now and then lost the top position in the total ranking. But in the end, the fifth place was enough for the victory, since their strongest competitors, friends and training partners Erik Heil/Thomas Ploessel could not catch up enough points in the Medal Race, although they were second over the finish line.
‘We did not intend to have such a close race in the end’, commented Justus Schmidt. His crew Boehme was however always sure during the race, that they would make it.

The mixed team Annemiek Bekking/ Daniel Bramervaer (the Netherlands) in the open class FX did leave the German top crews behind. Leonie Meyer/Elena Stoffers (Osnabrueck) did win silver, followed by Jule and Lotta Goerge (Kiel) on rank three. The ungrateful fourth place went to Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz (Berlin).

Lara Vadlau/Jolanta Orga (Austria) did win in the 470. The current European and World Champions did win the Medal Race just as confident as all the other races before and did win Kieler Woche Gold with the ideal point score of eight victories in eight races. The Croation Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic were leading the men’s fleet and did round off his triumph with a victory in the Medal Race of the best ten crews. Denis Karpak, ranked in first place, did defend his Kieler Woche title from 2014 in the Finn. Rank two behind the Norwegian Anders Pedersen was enough in the final. The best German Finn sailor was Phillip Kasueske (Berlin), who became sixth. US-American Laser Radial sailor Erika Reineke did take the chance in the Medal Race to win the title. Tina Mihelic from Croatia, who had been confidently leading the fleet until then, did break her top last. With the final counting twice, Mihelic was lacking five points in the end for the victory. Despite winning six races, gold was lost.

Heiko Kroeger could relax in the 2.4mR after crossing the finish line in the last race. He did start into the day by winning twice. But in the third and most crucial race, he did not manage to get a wind shift right and had to work his way through the fleet. With rank two he could take off the lead from the Norwegian Bjoernar Erikstad by one point.

‘But the race must not have taken any longer. A shroud just broke right after the finish. I could have not been going upwind anymore’, Kroeger draw a happy conclusion.

With the prize giving ceremony, Kiel said goodbye to the sailors of the Olympic classes. On Thursday, 15 international classes will be starting at 1pm for the second part of the Kieler Woche to find their winners until Sunday, 28. June.

Results Kieler Woche – Part one, day five

2.4mR (open): (12) 1. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,2/1/3/6/2(8)3/6/1/1/1/2) Points 28; 2. Bjørnar Erikstad (NOR,5/5/2/1/1/1/4/2/2/3/3(8))29; 3. Henrik Johnsson (SWE,1(11)5/9/3/7/5/4/3/6/5/5)53; 4. Lasse Klötzing (Berlin,(20)4/6/5/13/9/1/3/9/2/2/1)55; 5. Kevin Cantin (FRA,3/3/7/7/4/2(10)9/5/4/6/7)57; 6. Michael Leydon (AUS,8/2/1/10/5/12(14)1/14/13/4/4)74;

49er: (12) 1. Justus Schmidt / Max Boehme (Kiel,3/1/2/1/3/1/5/15/3.5(21)3/10) Points 47.5; 2. Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (Kiel,5/6/8(20)1/2/15/5/1/3/2/4)52; 3. Jonas Warrer / Anders Thomsen (DEN,1/8/1/11(14)4/1/11/13/1/1/6)58; 4. Benjamin Bildstein / David Hussl (AUT,7/4/10/4/2/9/12/3(20)6/13/2)72; 5. Kalinchev Pavel (RUS,12/3/12/3/23/3/2/4(28)4/4/14)84; 6. Dominik Buksak / Grzegorz Goździk (POL,2/2/6/14/16(17)4/8/10/12/17/16)107;

49er FX: (12) 1. Annemieke Bekkering / Daniel Bramervaer (NED,3/1/1/1/1/3/1/2/1/2(10)2) Points 18; 2. Leonie Meyer / Elena Stoffers (Hamburg,4/2/2/3/4/1/3/4(5)1/1/8)33; 3. Jule Görge / Lotta Görge (Kiel,1/3/3(5)3/2/2/5/4/5/2/4)34; 4. Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz (Berlin,2(5)5/2/2/4/4/1/2/4/3/6)35; 5. Cecile Janmaat / Charlotte Heijstek (NED,5(9)6/4/8/5/5/7/9/3/5/20)77; 6. Klara Wester / Rebecca Netzler (SWE,6/8/4/6(9)6/6/8/7/7/4/20)82;

Nacra 17: (12) 1. Paul Kohlhoff / Carolina Werner (Strande,1/1/1/2/1/1/1/1(5)1/2/2) Points 14; 2. Francesco Porro / Laura Marimon Giovannetti (ITA,(17)6/5/1/2/7/9/4/2/4/8/6)54; 3. Maxim Semenov / Alina Shchetinkina (RUS,(17)4/2/3/5/4/5/5/13/3/9/4)57; 4. Nahuel Martinez / Eugenia Bosco (ARG,(17)7/10/5/3/5/7/3/1/9/1/8)59; 5. Justin Liu / Denise Lim (SIN,3/5(14)4/13/9/8/2/3/8/3/12)70; 6. John Casey / Kristen Lane (USA,4/3/8/7/9/3/2/7/9(11)4/16)72;

Finn: (8) 1. Deniss Karpak (EST,1/2/1(6)2/6/5/4) Points 21; 2. Stig Steinfurth (DEN,3/1(15)1/8/9/3/8)33; 3. Mads Bendix (DEN,5/4(10)3/6/3/7/10)38; 4. Piotr Kula (POL,9/8/7/7/1(12)2/6)40; 5. Anders Pedersen (NOR,6/4/13/4(30)4/8/2)41; 6. Phillip Kasüske (Kiel,2/6/4(12)9/5/4/12)42;

470 M: (8) 1. Sime Fantela / Igor Marenic (CRO,1/1/2(5)3/1/1/2) Points 11; 2. David Bargehr / Lukas Mähr (AUT,3/5/1/8/5(10)4/4)30; 3. Panagiotis Kampouridis (GRE,4/3/5(23)4/5/3/6)30; 4. Asenathi Jim / Roger Hudson (RSA,(6)2/4/1/6/3/5/12)33; 5. Deniz Cinar / Ates Cinar (TUR,5/6(8)2/1/2/8/10)34; 6. Mikhail Sheremetev / Maksim Sheremetev (RUS,2/4/6(15)2/7/9/8)38;

470 W: (8) 1. Lara Vadlau / Jolanta Ogar (AUT,(1)1/1/1/1/1/1/2) Points 8; 2. Antonina Marciniak / Karolina Soltaniuk (POL,3/3/2/2(4)2/2/6)20; 3. Dimitra Pagida / Sofia Papadopoulou (GRE,2/2(7)4/6/4/4/4)26; 4. Muriel-Natalie Schröder / Fanny Popken (Potsdam,4(5)3/5/2/5/3/12)34; 5. Lena Stückl / Lorena Abicht (Tutzing,(7)5/4/6/3/3/6/8)35; 6. Domenique Freund / Annabell Prockat (Berlin,5(6)5/3/5/6/5/10)39;

Laser Standard: (8) 1. Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg,1/1(3)1/2/1/2/2) Points 10; 2. Michael Hansen (DEN,2/2/3/3(14)2/5/10)27; 3. Tadeusz Kubiak (POL,4/1/5/5/3/11(13)4)33; 4. Rui Silveirä (POR,6/2/3/1/1/13(40)14)40; 5. Mattis Naud (FRA,3/3/6/4/4/3(14)18)41; 6. Christoph Bottoni (Bremerhaven,2/7/4/3(27)18/1/12)47;

Laser Radial: (7) 1. Erika Reineke (USA,5/1/3/3/6(22)6) Points 24; 2. Tina Mihelic (CRO,1/1/1(11)1/3/22)29; 3. Tiril Hartvedt Bue (NOR,3/5/3/4/14(21)2)31; 4. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR,7/2/5(8)8/2/8)32; 5. Haddon Hughes (USA,6/8/9/2(18)4/4)33; 6. Elizabeth Yin (SIN,6/4/2/8(9)6/14)40;

Farr 30: (6) 1. „Topas“ Dr. Harald Brüning (Kiel,1/1(2)1/1/1) Points 5; 2. „H.E.A.T“ Max Augustin (Hamburg,(3)2/1/2/2/2)9; 3. „Maiko“ John Victorin (Warnemünde,2/5/5/3/3(7))18; 4. „Nikita“ Jan Duken (Hamburg,4/3/4/4(7)7)22; 5. „Rock n Rolla“ Claudia Bernstein (Greifswald,5/4/3(7)7/7)26; 6. „Sciurus“ Matthias Linden (Hannover,6/6/6/5(7)7)30;

Kiel-Cup Alpha ORC I: (6) 1. „Immac one4all“ Kai Mares (Hamburg,(2)1/1/1/1/1) Points 5; 2. „Sportsfreund“ Axel Seehafer (Heiligenhafen,4/2/3(6)2/4)15; 3. „Tutima“ Kirsten Harmstorf (Hamburg,(7)3/4/2.5/6/3)18.5; 4. „Joki“ John Jensen (DEN,1/4/7(8)3/6)21; 5. „X-Day“ Niels Gauter (Hamburg,5(6)2/4/5/5)21; 6. „Desna“ Sven Wackerhagen (Kiel,6/5/6(7)4/2)23;

Kiel-Cup Alpha ORC II: (6) 1. „Xen“ Sven Christensen (Flensburg,(2)1/1/2/2/1) Points 7; 2. „BM Yachting“ Peter Beck Mikkelsen (Flensburg,1/2(8)1/1/2)7; 3. „Hoppetosse“ Jörg Hiller (Kiel,(12)3/2/3/4/6)18; 4. „Tosen“ Daniel Bauer (Berlin,5/4(7)4/3/3)19; 5. „Halbtrocken Xpress“ Michael Berghorn (Amrum,3/6/5/5(12)4)23; 6. „Izjahurtig“ Norman Schlomka (Flensburg,4/5/3/8/7(12))27;

Kiel-Cup Alpha ORC III/IV: (6) 1. „Halbtrocken“ Knut Freudenberg (Bad Laer,1/5/1/1/1(13)) Points 9; 2. „Babette“ Erik Brauer (Kiel,(7)1/3/4/3/4)15; 3. „Patent3“ Henning Tebbe (Hamburg,2(8)7/2/6/1)18; 4. „Noodles“ Ulrich Martens (Grevesmühlen,5(9)5/7/2/3)22; 5. „Bazz“ Torsten Nickels (Jork,4/2/4/8(13)13)31; 6. „Freya“ Henning Drees (Hamburg,8/6/6/6/5(13))31

Race calendar of the Kieler Woche 2015 (20. to 28. June)
Olympic part, EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup: 20. to 24. June:

Charly: 470 M+W, Finn M
Echo: Laser Std. M, Laser Rad. W
Golf: 2.4mR (open), Sonar (open)
Hotel: 49er M
Juliett: Nacra 17 Mix, 49erFX W

International part (25. to 28. June)
Charlie: 505, FD
Echo: 420
Foxtrott: J/24, Folkboat, H-boat
Golf: Musto Performance Skiff, RS 800
Hotel: 29er
India: Contender, OK dinghy
Juliett: Europe, Laser Radial (open), Laser 4.7
Kilo: Formula 18, Hobie 16, A-Cat

Offshore courses (20. to 27. June):
20. – 21. June: Welcome Race (ORC Club I-IV, Albin Ballad, Multihull)
20. – 23. June: Kiel Cup Foxtrott (Melges 24, J/70, J/80, Albin Express, SB 20, Platu 25)
22. to 24. June: Kiel-Cup Alpha (ORC Int. I-IV)
25.- 26. June: ‘Silbernes Band’ (ORC Club I-IV)
27. June: ‘Senatspreis’ (ORC Club I-IV)

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