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Kieler Woche 2015 – Medal Race LIVE

Sun at the Kieler Woche: At the festival area in the city, everyone is yearning for it. In Schilksee it is not always welcome. It was just like that on Tuesday.

The weak gradient wind was overtaken early by the thermal wind, which came with the sudden sunshine. The deputy head of organisation Jobst Richter, who acted as a substitute for Dirk Ramhorst, who was away for business, had hoped in the morning, that the the cloud cover would stay longer. But at 11am the red and white flag was hoisted to postpone the start – instead of the blue Peter for the start preparation.

From ashore you could watch the fight of the weather systems. In the bay of Strande, a light breeze was visible, drawing a line to the dead calm. „Unfortunately, the wind belt was too narrow to lay out a course. The starts would be in the zone of the calm’, said meteorologist Meeno Schrader, the weather expert of the Kieler Woche. For the late afternoon, he announced sailable winds. And he was right. At 15:30, the Olympic classes were called onto the race course, sailed up to two races into the evening.

Before the Medal Races on Wednesday, the foundations were laid for the podium placements gold, silver and bronze. In the Nacra17, the decision for the highest prize money has already been made. Paul Kohlhoff/Carolina Werner from Kiel only have to line up for the final, which counts twice. They are in the lead by 36 points, can only lose 18 in the final and can now decide, on what to spend the 3000 Euro prize money.2015 Kieler Woche - Medal Race LIVE now

There are no changes in the women’s Laser. Their starting attempt was aborted. Tina Mihelic (Croatia) now has the best chances for the Kieler Woche victory before the US-American Erika Reineke. The men’s Laser only had a small program with one race, where Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg) defended his top position in becoming second.

The 470 and Finn sailors did try a long time on the water on course Charly, but didn’t manage to get more than one race in. So there were no changes in the top ranking. Deniss Karpak (Estonia) is just before his third Kieler Woche victory in the Finn. Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic (Croatia) scored in the 470 with a further victory and can now be really relaxed in the Wednesday final. Just like Lara Vadlau/Jolanta Ogar in the women’s 470, who won all races up to now and are now clearly on the course to victory.

Justus Schmidt/Max Boehme (Kiel) still leave some room for tension. With a rank 21 on the first race of the day, their lead on the pursuers Erik Heil/Thomas Ploessel (Kiel) was reduced to 10.5 points. So they have to be tactically clever in the final.

Annemiek Bekkering/Daniel Bramervaer, who is dominating the 49erFX had an early start today and was disqualified. So the Dutch team still has to defend their position in front of the pursuing trio Leonie Meyer/Elena Stoffers, Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz sowie Jule and Lotta Goerge (all from Kiel).

The 2.4mR will stay in their normal race mode without a Medal Race on Wednesday. So Heiko Kroeger (Ammersbek) still has a chance for the victory, even if the leading Norwegian Bjoernar Erikstadt did build up his lead to six points.

Results Kieler Woche part one day 4:

2.4mR (open): (9) 1. Bjørnar Erikstad (NOR,(5)5/2/1/1/1/4/2/2) points 18; 2. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,2/1/3/6/2(8)3/6/1)24; 3. Henrik Johnsson (SWE,1(11)5/9/3/7/5/4/3)37; 4. Kevin Cantin (FRA,3/3/7/7/4/2(10)9/5)40; 5. Lasse Klötzing (Berlin,(20)4/6/5/13/9/1/3/9)50; 6. Daniel Bina (CZE,7/9/8/3/7/7(11)5/6)52;

49er: (11) 1. Justus Schmidt / Max Boehme (Kiel,3/1/2/1/3/1/5/15/3.5(21)3) points 37.5; 2. Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (Kiel,5/6/8(20)1/2/15/5/1/3/2)48; 3. Jonas Warrer / Anders Thomsen (DEN,1/8/1/11(14)4/1/11/13/1/1)52; 4. Kalinchev Pavel (RUS,12/3/12/3/23/3/2/4(28)4/4)70; 5. Benjamin Bildstein / David Hussl (AUT,7/4/10/4/2/9/12/3(20)6/13)70; 6. Dominik Buksak / Grzegorz Goździk (POL,2/2/6/14/16(17)4/8/10/12/17)91;

49er FX: (11) 1. Annemieke Bekkering / Daniel Bramervaer (NED,3/1/1/1/1/3/1/2/1/2(10)) points 16; 2. Leonie Meyer / Elena Stoffers (Hamburg,4/2/2/3/4/1/3/4(5)1/1)25; 3. Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz (Kiel,2(5)5/2/2/4/4/1/2/4/3)29; 4. Jule Görge / Lotta Görge (Kiel,1/3/3(5)3/2/2/5/4/5/2)30; 5. Cecile Janmaat / Charlotte Heijstek (NED,5(9)6/4/8/5/5/7/9/3/5)57; 6. Klara Wester / Rebecca Netzler (SWE,6/8/4/6(9)6/6/8/7/7/4)62;

Nacra 17: (11) 1. Paul Kohlhoff / Carolina Werner (Strande,1/1/1/2/1/1/1/1(5)1/2) points 12; 2. Francesco Porro / Laura Marimon Giovannetti (ITA,(17)6/5/1/2/7/9/4/2/4/8)48; 3. Nahuel Martinez / Eugenia Bosco (ARG,(17)7/10/5/3/5/7/3/1/9/1)51; 4. Francesco Sabatini / Marcella Mamusa (ITA,(17)2/3/8/7/2/3/9/6/7/6)53; 5. Maxim Semenov / Alina Shchetinkina (RUS,(17)4/2/3/5/4/5/5/13/3/9)53; 6. John Casey / Kristen Lane (USA,4/3/8/7/9/3/2/7/9(11)4)56;

Finn: (7) 1. Deniss Karpak (EST,1/2/1(6)2/6/5) points 17; 2. Stig Steinfurth (DEN,3/1(15)1/8/9/3)25; 3. Mads Bendix (DEN,5/4(10)3/6/3/7)28; 4. Phillip Kasüske (Kiel,2/6/4(12)9/5/4)30; 5. Lars Johan Brodtkorb (NOR,(30)14/3/8/3/2/1)31; 6. Piotr Kula (POL,9/8/7/7/1(12)2)34;

470 M: (7) 1. Sime Fantela / Igor Marenic (CRO,1/1/2(5)3/1/1) points 9; 2. Asenathi Jim / Roger Hudson (RSA,(6)2/4/1/6/3/5)21; 3. Deniz Cinar / Ates Cinar (TUR,5/6(8)2/1/2/8)24; 4. Panagiotis Kampouridis (GRE,4/3/5(23)4/5/3)24; 5. David Bargehr / Lukas Mähr (AUT,3/5/1/8/5(10)4)26; 6. Mikhail Sheremetev / Maksim Sheremetev (RUS,2/4/6(15)2/7/9)30;

470 W: (7) 1. Lara Vadlau / Jolanta Ogar (AUT,(1)1/1/1/1/1/1) points 6; 2. Antonina Marciniak / Karolina Soltaniuk (POL,3/3/2/2(4)2/2)14; 3. Dimitra Pagida / Sofia Papadopoulou (GRE,2/2(7)4/6/4/4)22; 4. Muriel-natalie Schröder / Fanny Popken (Potsdam,4(5)3/5/2/5/3)22; 5. Lena Stückl / Lorena Abicht (Tutzing,(7)5/4/6/3/3/6)27; 6. Domenique Freund / Annabell Prockat (Berlin,5(6)5/3/5/6/5)29;

Laser Standard: (7) 1. Tobias Schadewaldt (Oldenburg,1/1(3)1/2/1/2) points 8; 2. Michael Hansen (DEN,2/2/3/3(14)2/5)17; 3. Mattis Naud (FRA,3/3/6/4/4/3(14))23; 4. Rui Silveirä (POR,6/2/3/1/1/13(40))26; 5. Tadeusz Kubiak (POL,4/1/5/5/3/11(13))29; 6. Christoph Bottoni (Bremerhaven,2/7/4/3(27)18/1)35;

Laser Radial: (6) 1. Tina Mihelic (CRO,1/1/1(11)1/3) points 7; 2. Erika Reineke (USA,5/1/3/3/6(21))18; 3. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR,7/2/5(8)8/2)24; 4. Viktorija Andrulyte (LTU,1/11/2/9/2(28))25; 5. Elizabeth Yin (SIN,6/4/2/8(9)6)26; 6. Tiril Hartvedt Bue (NOR,3/5/3/4/14(20))29;

Farr 30: (3) 1. Dr. Harald Brüning (Kiel,1/1/2) points 4; 2. Max Augustin / Julian Stückl, Bjoern Sievers, Dorian Heitzig, Ole Augustin, Fabian Damm (Kiel,3/2/1)6; 3. Jan Duken / Hannes Renzsch (Hamburg,4/3/4)11; 4. John Victorin / Heike Gercken, Sven Zscherper, Sebastian Greshake, Lennart Hieke, Steffi Katschke, Robert Pastoors (Warnemünde,2/5/5)12; 5. Claudia Bernstein (Greifswald,5/4/3)12; 6. Matthias Linden (Hannover,6/6/6)18;

by Hermann Hell

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