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Lisa Blair celebrates Earth Hour from the Southern Ocean Lisa Blair
Lisa Blair celebrates Earth Hour from the Southern Ocean Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair marks 10th Anniversary of Earth Hour from Southern Ocean

32 year old Lisa Blair marked Earth Hour in the middle of the Southern Ocean whilst on her attempt to be the first woman, and fastest person in history to circumnavigate Antarctica, solo and unassisted.

Sailing her 15 metre yacht CLIMATE ACTION NOW, Lisa’s Antarctic circumnavigation was inspired when she started sailing in 2005 and noticed the impact that man-made climate change has on our environment.

Said Lisa: ‘The storms are more aggressive and less predictable, the absence of wild life when years earlier those seas were brimming with life and there is an increased risk of collision with ice as the glaciers keep melting. These are all symptoms of man-made climate change. What we know is that action needs to be taken and a greater awareness needs to be reached.’

Lisa’s project CLIMATE ACTION NOW – and her Antarctic circumnavigation – is designed not to focus on the problem but instead on actions we are taking or can be taking as individuals towards a solution. ‘If we all do one small thing – be it turning out lights, walking the kids to school instead of starting the car, or choosing products with less packaging when we shop, we can all make a collective difference. Congratulations to the WWF team and to everyone in the world who has marked the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour in their own unique but impactful way’, said Lisa.

Lisa is currrenlty 62 days into her circumnavigation having left Albany, Western Australia on 22 January 2017. She has recently succesfully rounded the infamous Cape Horm and is currently traversing the area around the South Sandwich Islands known as ‘iceberg alley’.

She is targeting a return to Albany in late April.

by Lisa Blair

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