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Neptune Racing looking to take on the World Match Racing Tour in 2016
Marstrom 32 - World Match Racing TourNeptune Racing

Marström 32 World Match Racing Tour in 2016

Neptune Racing consider themselves as a particularly ambitious team. Goals of reaching the top ten match racing skippers worldwide in 2015 were easily surpassed to now sit fifth. Led by skipper Sam Gilmour the team was victorious at Youth World Match Racing Championships and US Grand Slam Series.

In its short life as a sailing team, Neptune Racing has had the support of a number of generous organisations, particularly Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Ron Tough Foundation and SLAM.

It is now ambition that pushes Neptune Racing towards the next step in match racing, the World Match Racing Tour. The significant costs that come with this step into the professional realm are something the team hope they can overcome going into 2016.

The recent acquisition of the World Match Racing Tour by Aston Harald now ushers forward a new era of match racing. Catamarans will for the first time be used at this level of racing, with the Marström 32 class to be used at nearly all events in the new year.

It will bring with it high pace, exciting racing at the same level that is seen at the America’s Cup.

This transformation wont come cheaply for teams, but it is something that Neptune Racing will aim to accomplish. The team is looking to align with new sponsors and partners for the upcoming season.

Enthusiasm, hard work and ambition have paid off in the past for Neptune Racing. Now the future beckons!

In the past few days, new venues and formats have been announced, with six events to be situated in the Middle East, America, Sweden as well as Australia between February and June of 2016. With this announcement, it bring the high possibility of a fleet of Marström 32’s coming to Perth, used as the Australasian racing fleet for the World Match Racing Tour.

Neptune Racing looking to take on the World Match Racing Tour in 2016

Marström 32 – World Match Racing TourNeptune Racing

As a way of initiation to the fleet the tour has also enforce a licensing rule, such that all teams have a baseline of knowledge in the boats and giving newer teams a leg up when joining the fleet. Currently, this will require interested teams to attend a licensing clinic in either Bermuda or the Canary Islands.

Neptune Racing envision they can provide team supporters with unique and significant sponsor benefits throughout the 2016 season.

We see both event and corporate based opportunities as well as those that are specifically brought about by the team.

Event opportunities

Services at the international events are world class for sponsors of teams. VIP services include a tailored lounge for VIP guests with food and drink available in view of the racing.
It also brings about ride along opportunities both in a ‘fifth man’ hot seat for individuals hoping to get the full racing experience, as well as pro-am races, where teams and sponsors are brought together to race with one another.
Services also can include after sail events, as well as midweek events throughout the racing period.

M32 events bring about enormous exposure for teams and sponsors. It is common that the Stena Match Cup brings 100,000 visitors to the holiday island of Marstrand in Sweden.

The events in 2015 have all been highlighted by the use of live streaming services. This is used by a international media across the globe. The media services are backed up by a strong photography, commentary and event press team.

Corporate opportunities

Corporate sailing possibilities give supporters the ability to head to a one of a kind activity. Team members can entertain supporters, clients or friends in a boat on the Swan River in front of the incredible back drop of Perth City.

Team members would be available for promotional possibilities, including any form of advertisement as well as any public relations appearances. We believe this would help to further improve the corporate image of supporters.

Additionally, the America’s Cup similarities will bring significant exposure to the World Match Racing Tour in 2016. New tour owners have brought added investment into match racing, and the tour will be at the forefront of the racing revolution that is being seen throughout the sailing world.
For a corporate supporter, the Marström 32 bring international exposure through a state-of-the-art racing machine.

The exposure of the Neptune Racing team members internationally give a corporate supporter the possibility of international attention. With events throughout USA, Europe and Asia the potential international exposure for a sponsor is significant.

Team specific opportunities

Neptune Racing as a team can produce exposure through a number of channels controlled by team management. Team media in a critical part of this releasing information through Facebook, Twitter, email correspondence and a website. Additionally, all our team promotional information is passed on to international media.

Branding can be used to as a highly effective medium to display supporters logos and brands. With the addition of the Marstrom 32 to the circuit there is the opportunity to have a modern sailing machine imprinted with the branding of a company.

The acquisition and subsequent changes to the World Match Racing Tour bring considerable additional team expenses. Licensing, boat acquisition and training expenses will incur more coasts for teams. Neptune Racing are aiming for one of two options heading into the 2016 tour.

Option A: Purchase of Marström 32 to campaign

Of course, boat purchase brings with it considerable acquisition costs, although we believe it will ensure maximum commitment to the class and World Match Racing Tour.

Boat acquisition comes with it a number of benefits for both the racing team as well as team supporters. The boat can be used as a highly effective marketing tool for team supporters.

Option B: Campaign without Marström 32

Campaigning without boat ownership will mean chartering a boat for sections of the season. Whilst expensive, we see this as a necessary component to a successful season.
The availability of smaller high performance boats, such as Formula 18’s and 49ers will give the team the opportunity to train in a similar environment to that of a Marström 32.
Although acquisition costs will be nullified with this campaign process, other team costs will be exemplified.

The team additionally hold a further breakdown of expected costs and a complete budgeting plan for next year’s season.
The team envisions that campaign costs will be somewhere between $150,000 and $450,000. This is depending on boat acquisition expenses in the current market.

2016 will be a pivotal year for the future of Neptune Racing. The significant change to the tour will provide opportunities for teams like never before. Whilst racing will require additional funding and organisation to remain successful, Neptune Racing are in a unique position to perform at the top level as a talented group of young, hard working and highly motivated sailors.

by Neptune Racing

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