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Morning Report Monday 16 Feb Volvo Ocean Race

After splitting five days ago from the main Volvo Race fleet, following SCA’s early tack, the ‘Taiwan way’ has proven to be the lucky one. Team Brunel is 80 nm ahead of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing who lead the now chasing pack.

Despite Team Brunel’s move to the top of the scoreboard, at the moment the investment to the north doesn’t seem to have paid off for Team SCA, who still sit in sixth position.

ADOR has been able to keep their pace after breaking the J1 spigot and the pad-eye for the reaching strut as Matt Knighton reported this morning.

Bad luck today as well for the overall race leader Dongfeng Race Team who broke their halyard locking system, losing the J1, the weapon of choice. It took seven hours to hoist the J1 again, as reported this morning by Sam Greenfield.

After the flu scare on board Brunel seems to have been overcome, there was an injury to Gerd-Jan Poortman last night. At a sail change in the dead of the night, the bowman was caught by a wave and thrown against one of the upright dagger boards.Morning Report Monday 16 Feb Volvo Ocean Race

Result: a ruptured eardrum in one ear and a bruised arm. Poortman was immediately placed in his bunk with a serious dose of horse painkillers. “I thought: Sh*t, the next leg is Cape Horn,” said Poortman.

Skipper Bekking feels sorry for the situation: “A sail change in these conditions is always risky. We slow down the speed from 25 to 17 knots. But the power of water is enormous, as you see. But Johnny’ll be fine again.”

Volvo Ocean Race – Leg 4 – Updated Positions at 06:40 hrs Monday 16 February 2015
1. Team Brunel – Distance to Finish 3252 nm
2. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing – DTL 80 nm
3. MAPFRE – DTL 88 nm
4. Dongfeng Race Team – DTL 86 nm
5. Team Alvimedica DTL 91 nm
6. Team SCA – DTL 116 nm

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