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Morning Report Sunday 22 Mar ~ Volvo Ocean Race

Team Brunel (Bouwe Bekking) continue to open their lead, picking up some pace over the last 12 hours. At the 06:40 position report, the Dutch boat has gained another 5 nm on Team Alvimedica (Charlie Enright) and 2 nm on Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker). Brunel has averaged upto 2 nm faster overnight on Alvimedica and Abu Dhabi, with only Dongfeng gaining on them.

Matt Knighton, Onboard Reporter on Azzam, has just given us his view at 07:00 UTC: “Team Brunel have worked down throughout the day to be sitting right on top of our line and they’re now 36 miles directly on our bow in a good position.

“We expect the wind to build ahead and so the ‘rich will get richer’ at this point. Same goes for Team Alvimedica, though a small victory today was had when we took a degree of bearing out of them as they sailed a higher course to ours.”

“Still, we’re happy to see the pack of three in the back. We’ll continue eyeballing them closely, though the racing won’t really begin until we round Cape Horn we expect.”

Back with the southern pack, the last 12 hours have been very interesting too.

Dongfeng Race Team claimed fourth position around 03:40 UTC and are still ahead of the all-female crew less than 3 nm behind, while the Spanish boat is 5 nm behind the magenta boat. All three are within 10 nm of each other.

Of that trio, Sam Davies’ crew have been heading a few degrees further south, closer to the wind, while the other two are sailing few degrees lower, averaging almost one knot faster than Team SCA.Morning Report Sunday 22 Mar ~ Volvo Ocean Race

Team SCA’s Onboard Reporter, Anna-Lena Elled, writes: “We tacked and made a few sail changes to get through the high-pressure system and further down south. Today the breeze has been a little bit stronger.”

“The plan is to jump on the Roaring 40’s and the Screaming 50’s and get a fast and spectacular down wind ride all the way to Cape Horn. The leg is quite straightforward. We all know where the wind is. The question is who is going to catch it first?”

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