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Morning Report Tuesday 17 Feb Volvo Ocean Race

Team Brunel had an 80 nautical mile lead on Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.

That lead has now dropped to 30 nm this Tuesday morning with Abu Dhabi leading the chasing pack. Brunel has now regained some pace to hold Abu Dhabi, but MAPFRE and Dongfeng are still making gains sailing some two knots faster than Brunel.

Team SCA have stopped getting south and the girls are now sailing parallel to the fleet. Yet, they’re still north of everyone. It will be interesting to see when they rejoin the southern bunch.

Abu Dhabi’s skipper Ian Walker, “Brunel have now dropped down to our line and the damage doesn’t seem as bad as first feared.”Morning Report Tuesday 17 Feb Volvo Ocean Race

“(Brunel’s navigator) Capey’s crystal ball is working its magic but then looking at the scale of the Doldrums ahead it will need to. Morning Report Tuesday 17 Feb Volvo Ocean RaceBrunel’s gamble benefitted hugely by the routing pushing so far east but the question now for everyone is how far east do we continue to go?”

“Believe me I would love to bear away, put up the fractional zero and point straight at Auckland, but that would leave us too far west – or would it?”

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