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Volvo Ocean Race - Morning Report Wednesday 17 June

Morning Report Wednesday 17 June ~ Volvo Ocean Race

After a frenzied gybing duel down to the Goué Vas Sud waypoint, the Volvo fleet entered the Bay of Quiberon. The positions have shuffled a little since the leaving mark, with places changing by the hour, and the compact pack settled less than 0.5 nm behind Brunel.

After passing the Isle of Belle, last night was all about hitting the various tidal gates – and hitting them at just the right time. Get there too early and you push currents as much as 8 knots against you. Hit them just right and a team could get a jump on the fleet.

The next tidal gate is off Ushant later this morning. It’s looking like the current will be fully against them and may cause the fleet to compress up to it, just like when the leaders would hit light winds ahead on the ocean legs.Volvo Ocean Race - Morning Report Wednesday 17 June

The fun and games do not stop as they have many more tidal gates and headlands to navigate, the famous lighthouse off Alderney being a real highlight.

Leg 9 – Gothenburg via The Hague
Lorient to The Hague = 570 nm
The Hague to Gothenburg = 460 nm
Lorient to Gothenburg total = 1030 nm

Volvo Ocean Race – Leg 9 Positions at 03:40 hrs UTC Wednesday 17 June 2015
1. Team Brunel – Distance to Finish 904 nm
2. MAPFRE DTL 0.4 nm
3. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing DTL 0.5 nm
4. Team Vestas Wind DTL 0.6 nm
5. Dongfeng Race Team DTL 0.7 nm
6. Team Alvimedica DTL 0.8 nm
7. Team SCA DTL 1.4 nm

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