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Multihull Central Regatta gives Sydney a sight of flying Multihulls
2016 Seawind Regatta © Multihull Central

Multihull Central Regatta

Following the incredible turnout of both cruising and racing catamarans and trimarans at the Hamilton Island Race week in August, Multihull Central opened their traditional Seawind Regatta on Sydney harbour to all multihulls.

With fifteen multihulls entered in total, the weekend was a complete success. In addition to the Seawinds, there were Schionnings, a Grainger, Crowthers, a Prescott Whitehaven, a Lagoon, a Toro, a Corsair Sprint 750 and a Pulse 600.

There were two divisions, the racing division and the cruising division, both with different courses that weaved their way between the Opera House and Manly.

Hosted by Multihull Central, the boat owners and crew joined together for a social evening of Pizza ‘made to order’ at their marina on Friday night after the day’s racing had been completed. The winds were a little light for that race, but things changed on Saturday.

Racing on Saturday around Sydney harbour started slow, but the wind picked up about 11.00am and the race was on! The 15 – 20 know North Easterly blew the fleet up the harbour, around Shark and Clark islands. Drew Darren on Top Gun, a Crowther 50 took off like a rocket and really opened the eyes of the fleet of monohulls sailing on the harbour that day.

Multihull Central Regatta gives Sydney a sight of flying Multihulls

2016 Seawind Regatta Multihull Central

After rafting up near Taronga Zoo for lunch, the second race starting at 2pm and was just as exciting with strong winds and gusts up to 35 knots experienced by some. Add that to all the other races that were taking place that day, the scene was nothing short of spectacular and made for exhilarating sailing on the world’s greatest harbour.

In the evening, everyone met for a social get together and dancing at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club, while dancing under the stars and enjoying a seafood Paella on the beach.

As the event fell on Halloween weekend, there was a naturally a prize for best dressed too and the fleet did not disappoint in dressing in costume, including Brent Vaughan, director of Multihull Central who dressed in a space suit.

Brent Isaacson on his Seawind 1000, Flyer II, won on handicap for the Seawind Cruising Division Trophy while Graeme Hedges on Kilikina, a Schionning 11m won the Multihull Central Sydney Regatta Racing Division Trophy.7

by Multihull Central

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