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Musto Performance Skiff – Consistency pays for Bruce Keen

Bruce Keen of Britain opened a big lead on day 1 of the ACO Musto Performance Skiff World Championships on Lake Garda.

Bruce Keen of Stokes Bay SC put all behind him with a powerful opening day on Lake Garda. Following two general recalls the fleet got away on the third time of asking with the majority of the heading for the cliffs while some pressed on towards the left on starboard. The right paid and after the first lap it was Keen (GBR), from Moritz Zieher (AUT) and Gonzalez Arroyo (ESP).

On the second beat again the majority headed right and then for the run gybe set. However, with 91 boats on the race track there were plenty of passing opportunities with hitting of the laylines into the finish being key. At the finish of the first race it was Keen, from Zieher (AUT) and Arroyo with Schwerdt (GER) sailing well to pull through into fourth.

The second race saw the wind build slightly to 16 knots with the fleet starting cleanly. Conventional wisdom at Garda is to go right towards the cliffs but Tom Conway (GBR) doesn’t follow convention and at the first windward mark he had a good lead followed by Richard Stenhouse (GBR) and Keen.

Musto Performance Skiff - Consistency pays for Bruce KeenGoing into the final run Conway still lead but the pack was hunting him down with little mercy for his potential landmark victory. With the fleet splitting and some variable pressure Conway was passed by a few sailors from each side and at the finish it was Keen, Stenhouse, Jon Newman (AUS), Rick Peacock (GBR) and Conway.

The final race of the day was held in the strongest breeze peaking at 17 knots. This time some of the fleet were tempted by a port tack flyer and a small and quality group of three or four crossed the fleet on port and headed for the right.

At the first mark Dave Poston (GBR) lead from Keen and Marcus Hamilton (AUS); all three of these guys were in the port tack gang. At the finish it was Poston, Keen, Hamilton, Jono Shelley (GBR), Frithjof Schwerdt (GER) and Richie Robertson (AUS).

ACO Musto Performance Skiff World Championships Day 1 after 3 races (90 entries)
1st GBR 534 Keen Bruce, Maschio, Stokes Bay 1 1 2 4,0 pts
2nd GBR 520 Poston Dave, Maschio, Datchet 6 12 1 19,0 pts
3rd AUS 492 Newman Jon, Maschio, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron 12 4 9 25,0 pts
4th GBR 442 Stenhouse Richard, Maschio, M, Rutland Sailing Club 8 2 19 29,0 pts
5th AUS 380 Robertson Richie, Maschio, M, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron 7 16 6 29,0 pts
6th GBR 469 Pelley Richard, Maschio, Stokes Bay Sailing Club 11 8 12 31,0 pts
7th GBR 444 Hilton Jamie, Maschio, Datchet Water SC 9 11 21 41,0 pts
8th AUS 453 Hamilton Marcus, Maschio, Port Melbourne Yacht Club 26 13 3 42,0 pts
9th AUS 489 Jones Denis, Maschio, M, Mounts Bay Sailing Club 10 25 10 45,0 pts
10th GBR 354 Hand George, Maschio, Stokes Bay SC 5 29 15 49,0 pts
11th AUS 513 Schoenhoff Thor, Maschio, Fremantle Sailing Club 14 10 25 49,0 pts
12th GBR 499 Wright Tom, Maschio, Lyminton Town 33 9 8 50,0 pts
13th GBR 535 Annan David, Maschio, Grafham Water Sailing Club 17 20 20 57,0 pts
14th AUT 395 Zieher Moritz, Maschio, Y, Union Yacht Club Attersee 2 6 50 58,0 pts
15th GBR 414 Peacock Rick, Maschio, Weston sailing Club 22 3 39 64,0 pts
16th GER 390 Lachenschmid Andi, Maschio, ASC 30 24 14 68,0 pts
17th GBR 526 Shelley Jono, Maschio, Ullswater Yacht Club 18 47 4 69,0 pts
18th GBR 482 Holden Matthew, Maschio, Locks SC 50 15 7 72,0 pts
19th FRA 405 Gilles Peeters, Maschio, YC Carnac 42 18 16 76,0 pts
20th SUI 436 Roger Oswald, Maschio, M, Segelclub Enge 20 40 18 78,0 pts
21st GBR 456 Samus Serega, Maschio, M, Datchet 13 56 11 80,0 pts
22nd GBR 130 Barker Sam, Maschio, Y, Castle Cove Sailing Club 29 30 24 83,0 pts
23rd SUI 470 Nicolas Duchoud, Maschio, Segel Club obere Walensee 16 49 22 87,0 pts
24th GBR 487 Schooling Ben, Maschio, Datchet Water SC 21 44 23 88,0 pts
25th GER 495 Ahlmann Iver, Maschio, Kieler Yacht Club (KYC) 34 28 27 89,0 pts

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