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Nespresso Int Youth Match Racing

Nespresso Int Youth Match Racing

George Brasell representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Harry Price from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia both won their Semi Finals and will race each other in tomorrow’s final series.

The Semi Finals were completed this afternoon in perfect ‘champagne sailing conditions’ in the Big Shoal Bay area.

Brasell sailed Sam Mackay from the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club and won the first, third and fourth races to grab his spot in the final. Racing was extremely tight with only seconds between them in each match.

In the other Semi Final Harry Price was showing no sign of any lasting pain from yesterday’s hand injury and took the clean sweep winning 3 out of 3 over Dylan Wichman (KCC). Their first race of the day was right down to the wire! Wichman copped a penalty and was leading down to the finish; he completed his turn and was turning down to go through the finish line. He would have crossed first by half a boat length but his boom hit the committee boat resulting in a penalty that cost him race one.Nespresso Int Youth Match Racing

At this morning’s briefings top ranked Brasell chose to sail George Gautrey (RPNYC) in the first to win three points Quarter Final Series. Brasell beat Gautrey 3-nil to grab first spot in the semifinals.
Second ranked from the Round Robins Harry Price choose to sail Lucas Chatonnier (RNZYS) whom he also beat 3-nil.
Third ranked Will Dargaville chose to sail Wichman. Wichman won the first by 10 seconds; Dargaville the second by 6 seconds, then Wichman won the third by just 1 second and the fourth to grab the final spot in the semifinals.

The minor placings sail offs were also completed today with the first to win two points.
Sam Ellis (CYCA) beat Claudia Pierce (TYPBC) by 2-nil to secure ninth place overall. George Anyon (RNZYS) beat the young French crew helmed by Cyril Fortin 2-nil to take 11th place and Layton Hern (NPCL) beat Claudia Thackray (RSYS) 2-nil to claim 13th overall in his first Grade 3 match racing event.Nespresso Int Youth Match Racing

With places 5 through to 14 all decided this just leaves the final series to be sailed tomorrow. With a positive forecast of breeze in the morning the Race Committee is hoping to complete all racing early Sunday afternoon.

Follow the action, draws, race results and photos will be constantly updated to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Website (www.rnyzs.org.nz) and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RnzysYouthTrainingProgramme

Today’s results 
Quarter Finals 
Flight One 
Brasell b Gautrey by 33s 
Price b Chatonnier by 1m04s 
Wichman b Dargaville by 10s 
Mackay b Bennett by 8s Nespresso Int Youth Match Racing
Flight Two 
Brasell b Gautrey by 28s 
Price b Chatonnier by 5s 
Dargaville b Wichman by 6s 
Mackay b Bennett by 40s 
Flight Three 
Brasell b Gautrey by 22s 
Price b Chatonnier by 23s 
Wichman b Dargaville by 1s 
Mackay b Bennett by 8s 
Flight Four 
Wichman b Dargaville by 29s 

Sail Offs 
Flight One 
Ellis b Pierce by 44s 
Anyon b Fortin by 1s 
Hern b Thackray by 35s 
Flight Two 
Ellis b Pierce by 18s 
Anyon b Fortin by 4s 
Hern b Thackray by 1m37s 

Semi Finals 
Flight One 
Brasell b Mackay by 4s 
Price b Wichman DNF 
Flight Two 
Mackay b Brasell by 55s 
Price b Wichman by 9s 
Flight Three 
Brasell b Mackay by 9s 
Price b Wichman by 1s 
Flight Four 
Brasell b Mackay by 6s 

Final Placings 
5th Will Dargaville – Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 
6th George Gautrey – Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club 
7th Lucas Chatonnier – Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron 
8th Milly Bennett – Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 
9th Sam Ellis – Cruising Yacht Club of Australia 
10th Claudia Pierce – Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club 
11th George Anyon – Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron 
12th Cyril Fortin – Cercle Nautique Caledonien 
13th Layton Hern – Naval Point Club Lyttleton 
14th Claudia Thackray – Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron


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