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PredictWind Offshore App integrated with Redport Optimizer and XGate
PredictWind Offshore App © PredictWind

PredictWind Offshore App integrated with Redport Optimizer and XGate

PredictWind’s OffShore App now makes a direct connection with the Redport Optimizer and XGate, allowing users to seamlessly download and view marine weather forecasts over narrow bandwidth satellite connections.

PredictWind, the world leader in weather forecasting, has just released the latest version of their Award winning Offshore app, which now allows a direct connection with the Redport Optimizer and XGate suite of satellite data services. PredictWind is an award-winning weather forecasting service that provides weather forecasts online and via satellite with the PredictWind Offshore App for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Satellite phone users are often in areas where accurate, up-to-date weather forecasts are critical for safety and journey planning. PredictWind has built one of the most-loved and best-reviewed weather forecasting services available, with the features and accuracy needed by those at sea.

Jon Bilger, PredictWind’s Founder and CEO says, ”The Optimizer allows a customer to connect any satellite handset to the Offshore App, and seamlessly download weather data with very few clicks. Weather downloads across any satellite connection are now easy for everyone. The Iridium GO already offers this functionality, so it is great to make this technology available to the entire satellite market.”

Optimizer Redport PredictWind Offshore -  © PredictWind

Optimizer Redport PredictWind Offshore – © PredictWind

The Optimizer can be connected to a Satellite Phone (or any other Satellite System) to create a Wifi hotspot. The Optimizer contains all the software device drivers, so all software interface issues to your laptop are eliminated. The Optimizer contains a firewall to prevent, for example, unwanted windows downloads over a satellite connection. This integration enables users to get weather downloads directly and seamlessly into the PredictWind Offshore App. The Optimizer also works with XGate, the world’s leading independent satellite email service.

Iridium Offshore-Predictwind -  © PredictWind

Iridium Offshore-Predictwind – © PredictWind

Also new in the Offshore App is radically faster downloads via the Iridium GO. “Based on customer feedback we have been working hard at optimising the weather downloads, and now have more than doubled the data speed for weather downloads in the Offshore app. The faster data speed is a major milestone for the Offshore App in our goal to be a market leader. We are very happy to report that the initial feedback from customers that has been overwhelmingly positive”, said Mr Bilger.

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