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Queen Mary II Cruise Liner

Queen Mary II Cruise Liner Due off Dun Laoghaire Next Wednesday

What is the name of the big, blue ship off Dun Laoghaire?’ might well be a common Google search next Wednesday, May 20th when the Queen Mary II anchors off Scotsman’s Bay at 7am.

Interest in cruise liners was at a high this week for the start of the Cruise Ship season into Ireland whenRoyal Princess Cruise Liner passengers were welcomed at Dun Laoghaire on Tuesday and equally on Monday when the longest ever ship, the MSC Splendida cruise liner docked in Dublin Port.Queen Mary II Cruise Liner

RMS Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner made her maiden visit to Dublin Bay a year ago and returns almost a year to the day into Scotsman’s Bay next Wednesday.Queen Mary II Cruise Liner

Another five star welcome is in store for some 3,000 passengers who will be greeted by a piper and Irish dancers, tour guides, free wireless and business offers after docking at the Coal Harbour.

The RMS Queen Mary II is the second of a flotilla of more than 20 floating visitors to dock in Dún Laoghaire this year, bringing over 100,000 cruise passengers. This compares with just 200 passengers arriving in the harbour in 2012.

RMS Queen Mary II departs Dun Laoghaire just before low tide at 6pm next Wednesday.

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