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Race for Water Odyssey R4WO ~ D37 IN CLEMENT WATERS

The R4WO crew has just entered calmer seas and our loyal Olivier “Bunny” Rouvillois is sending us some positive news:

“Hi everyone! From my bed, no noise, only the one we like… We are moving at a 18 knots speed, with a 12 knots wind at 75 degrees, the boat is sailing all by herself with wind, sun and a flat sea. What a change from the greyish sky we had during the past few days!

We are entering the Caribbean Sea and everyone is happy; not only can we go wherever we want without getting wet, but we can do that wearing only shorts and t-shirts. How wonderful is that! I hope we won’t need layers of warm clothing for a while!

The “Race for Water Odyssey” terrace reopened with the following menu: lettuce, scrambled eggs…and good mood! We take this opportunity to take care of minor cuts and scrapes, sunscreen and emails. And we have time for lively discussions as well! But I have to leave you, the time has come for me to take the helm!”

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