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Race for Water R4W0 ~ 22255 Miles traveled

A few days ago, we announced you that the crew might face some difficult climatic conditions on the way from Hawaii to the Mariana Islands. Today we inform you that the itinerary has changed a litte bit. Indeed, because of a typhoon, the team will finally head towards the Marshall Islands as Marco confides us:

“We left Hawaii 12 days ago (on Monday the 29th July) with the goal to reach Guam in the archipelago of the Marianas. Unfortunately an important cyclone was forecast in this region. We therefore decided to avoid risks for the boat and for the crew and to modify our route.

We sailed towards the Marshalls Islands which are located in tour way to Tokyo, our next stopover. Currently, we are considering stopping on some Japanese Islands located not far from the North Pacific gyre to conduct beach samplings.

A second cyclone might possibly be active in Tokyo’s region and could force us to make us arrive earlier in Japan. In short, this is not easy to make our way with these very uncertain climatic conditions.

Life on board is rhythmed by the shifts which consist of 3-hours rotations, either Bunny with Boris and Claude with Martin. As for Stève (skipper) he is paying close attention to each suspect sounds on the ship, he regularly consults the weather forecast and takes decisions about the routing.

As for me, I’m privileged too since I’m not in a specific shift. I’m taking the helm at times, and try to prepare some good meals and get information about the nearby islands. Unfortunately, the acces to almost all of them is prohibited by the government.

Since our departure, we sail downwind on a calm see. We’re suffering a little bit from the heat, especially in our “house”, which happens to be the central hull of the boat. And when I’m cooking, the temperature exceeds 40 degrees. It’s like cooking in a sauna! For a few days now, we don’t have fresh products (we don’t have a fridge) anymore. We must be creative with what is left on board (rice, pasta, can, eggs). Very soon, we will run out of oil and this is so annoying. We’re drinking only the water coming from the desalination unit.Race-fo-Water-multihull-MOD070

We had a small accident which could have lead to some very negative consequences if the crew had not quickly intervened. Indeed, a fire began and there was smoke in the central hull because two electrical wires touched each other but were not supposed to.

We must relentlessly manage the power on board because our wind turbines decided to work randomly and we already used our reserves quite a lot (for the generator or the motor)

We love it!”


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more info ……………………….. raceforwater.com and  youtube.com/user/multioneattitude

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